Monday, January 23, 2012

Work From Home

It's already the fourth week of the year 2012. How time flies.

This is our first official blog post. It has been 7 years since we started to work from home and thank God we are still doing it today.

Today with the use of the internet, everybody can work from home. Such is the convenience and the availability of technology to us that allows us to communicate and do business anywhere in the world at anytime convenient to us. It truly is a miracle.

Looking back to where we started today we can safely say that anybody can do it. We would like to share our experience here so that it ca inspire others to do the same.

Before we do that it is important to understand why work from home. For us is the FREEDOM! We wanted the opportunity to do what we want, when we want and with who want to do things. We did not want to answer to a boss.

Today working from home has given us so much. It has allowed us the opportunity to be with our children and experience them growing. Man, do they grow up fast. It just seems like yesterday that they were born. Now they are in primary school and they have their own mobile phones and they have their own schedule.

We also managed to write our very first book which is Passion2Income. You can check it out at our website at . :)

Anyways, if you are planning to find a business or an income for yourself than there are a few options that you can consider:

1. Sell for a commission or become an agent for someone else. For example we promote and sell an eco resort package. We have started doing this since 2007 and from there it has given us the opportunity to earn some money and also experience the tourism business. You can check out out websites at either or .

2. Join a network marketing or direct selling company. Find a good company that has a system and great leadership. If they have those two things in place than you can grow big with them. We are part of Herbalife. Not only do they have fantastic products but they have a system and strong leadership in place. You can check out our website at

3. You can promote or sell through affiliate programs. These are the things that people do. You just need to find out what people want on the web and give it to them. There are literally millions of products available that you can promote. The beautiful thing about being an affiliate is that you don't have to create any product. Just do the marketing.

Those are just some of the ways that you can create a source of income for yourself which would enable you to work from home. Trust us more and more people are choosing to leverage on the technology that is available today to be free. Why don't you give it a try. As they say, you don't have to be great to start.

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