Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Ø Set realistic goals

Write down your goals and be committed to achieving them.

Ø Focus on your health

Resolve to kick unhealthy habits like smoking.

Ø Invest in your development

Read books, attend workshop, find a new network. Keep your brain


Ø Know your priorities

Family, self development, profitability, building your profile,

health, gaining new clients or more relaxation time.

Ø Eliminate time robbers

Focus on controlling your time and get rid of the things in your

life that are not a high priority.

Ø Surround yourself with VIPs

Find very inspiring people (VIP) whom you can learn from. You will

feel more positive when you are surrounded by VIPs.

Ø Make time for those you care for

Balancing work and home life.

Ø Plan your next holiday

Allocate a specific time in your calendar for your next holiday so

you have something to look forward to.

Ø Create an “attitude” to-do list

Instead of making “to do” lists for work, consider creating an

“attitude” to – do list you can use every day such as get some


Ø Choose to be amazing

Make a commitment to yourself each morning that you will have an

amazing day.

Remember….life is not a dress rehearsal – you only get one performance, so give it your BEST!


Friday, December 25, 2009

New Baby In The Family

Wow, just opened my blog and I didn't realized that the last entry was way back in November 2009. That would be like ages in this internet age.

Anyways have been really occupied with the arrival of our new baby boy ~ Amirul Danish. Got to admit that when we were expecting a new baby I was quite nervous as it has been quite sometime since we last had a baby in the house. That was 7 years ago with Aiman.

It's a whole new expereince as now we will welcome the baby with 2 other children who are already 8 & 7 years old. Everybody is excited!

Alhamdulillah the operation was a success both my wife and Danish are in great health. Elin is recovering well. Hope fully from now on I can keep the blog updated.