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Happy New Year! This Year Believe In Yourself And Achieve Everything You Deserve!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Healthy Eating: An Islamic Perspective

Alhamdulillah, this weekend had the opportunity to do a bit of research for a project that we're doing with our brother Johan in Langkawi. It's a great opportunity to collaborate with our brother and the best part is because it is a huge project to showcase the connection of Islam as a way of life not only on the basis of what is taught in the Quran and Sunnah but also how the actions and teachings can be justified through science in terms of the benefits. The goal is dakwah so that people can see the truth and be guided. But most importantly for ourselves is the opportunity to discover and learn the greatness of Allah. InsyaAllah.

Today, I am excited to share some info on healthy eating! But from an Islamic perspective. I came across this great blog and it had a good article so I thought it would be great to share it here. So hope you get something out of it, InsyaAllah. Enjoy...

Healthy Eating: An Islamic Perspective
By Hafiz Mohammed Zahid

Why it's essential for our physical and spiritual well-being
To live in Islam is not merely preparing for the Hereafter, but also to live a complete way of life right here in this world. Hence, the question of healthy living, which has become a much-discussed issue nowadays, is not new to Muslims.
From an Islamic perspective health is viewed as one of the greatest blessings that Allah has bestowed on mankind. It should be noted that the greatest blessing after belief is health.

Health is indeed a favour that we take for granted. We should express gratitude to Allah for bestowing us with health, and we should try our utmost to look after it. Allah has entrusted us with our bodies for a predestined period of time. He will hold us to account on how we looked after and utilised our bodies and health.

The Importance of a balanced diet
Various verses and texts within Islam promote the eating of healthy wholesome food and eating in moderation. Allah clearly states in the Quran:

"Eat of the good things which We have provided for you. (2:173) Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth." (2:168)

A healthy nutritious diet must also be balanced, in order to maintain the balance that Allah has established in all things, this is addressed in the Quran when Allah says:

"And He enforced the balance. That you exceed not the bounds; but observe the balance strictly; and fall not short thereof." (55:7-9) 

As we know, eating excessively causes harm to our systems. Many ailments are related to uncontrolled eating habits such as, diabetes, vascular diseases, stroke, heart attack etc. It has been said that the 'stomach is the home of ill health' and is usually responsible in some way to ill health. Islam teaches us to eat moderately:

"Eat and drink, but avoid excess." (20:81).

Over indulgence and wasting of food are further dissuaded in the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him):

'"No human being has ever filled a container worse than his own stomach. The son of Adam needs no more than a few morsels of food to keep up his strength, doing so he should consider that a third of his stomach is for food, a third for drink and a third for breathing." (Ibn Maja)

Physical and spiritual well-being
At a physical level, the Qur'an and the sunnah encourage healthy eating, and at the same time forbid all substances that cause bodily harm: intoxicants, drugs, and so forth. Fruits and vegetables, dates, yoghurt, milk, natural honey, black seeds, and the like are especially emphasized for their nutritious quality and health benefits.

From a spiritual angle, controlling our diet trains us in self-control. When food is spread out in large delicious quantities and there is a temptation to gorge ourselves, we are required to control our appetites and develop a sense of moderation in eating.

With regards to moderation, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: "Muslims should be people who eat only when they are hungry." That is to say, unnecessary snacks taken in between meals should be avoided. The Prophet also said: "It is good to be always a little hungry." Thus, over-eating can be avoided.

Fasting in Ramadhan, apart from the spiritual and other self-control benefits derived from it, also has health benefits. It cleanses and relaxes the stomach and gives it a "rest from work" for about 16 hours a day for a month once a year. Other than the Ramadhan fast, Muslims are urged to undertake voluntary fasting as much as they could at any time throughout the year. Some Muslims make a point to fast every Monday and Thursday following the Sunnah (practice) of the Prophet. Fasting also enable a Muslim to lose fat and unnecessary weight.

What we should be eating
Many of us want to be fitter and healthier but have no energy for exercise at the end of a working day, or time to plan nutritious meals throughout the week. However just a moderate increase in your activity levels and a small decrease in energy taken in from food could make us healthier, happier, and more productive. Improving your diet and daily exercise is not as daunting as it sounds.

It is recommended by nutritionists that to have a healthy diet most people should be eating:
  • More fruit and vegetables
  • More starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta (try to choose wholegrain varieties when you can) and potatoes
  • Less fat, salt and sugar
  • Some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and pulses
  • It's also important to eat a variety of foods to make sure we get all the nutrients our bodies need.
Top 5 practical tips to stay healthy:
  1. Start the day with a good breakfast - Eating breakfast can help curb the cravings for the wrong kinds of food and maintains a steady blood sugar level throughout the morning period.
  2. Never skip lunch - Skipping lunch leads to a drop in energy levels, alertness and coping ability. It can also slow metabolism which is self-defeating if you are trying to lose weight.
  3. Drink plenty of water - Water re-hydrates the body much better than sugary fizzy drinks. If you are dehydrated you're likely to feel tired and have a headache, which will slow you down.
  4. Replace chocolates with fruit or a low-fat yoghurt - This will reduce your day's calorie and fat count significantly and ensure that you are taking in more vitamins and nutrients.
  5. Ideally try to eat slowly and stop when you're full.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Timbang 30 Orang Setiap Hari...Itulah Kisah Inspirasi STS Oktober 2014!

Syukur alhamdulillah pada 26 Oktober 2014 (Ahad) yang lalu kami berpeluang menghadiri Kuala Lumpur Success Training Seminar (STS) dalam Bahasa Melayu di Hotel Berjaya Times Square. Secara jujur memang dah lama tak pergi event. The last one being Leadership development Weekend @ PGRM Cheras.

Banyak perkongsian yang diterima dan yang paling menyeronokkan adalah STS kali ini menggunakan format yang baru di mana ianya bermula pada pukul 11:00 pagi dan berakhir pada jam 4:30 petang. Ianya ringkas, informatif dan padat!!!

Kalau nak tengok gambar dan follow boleh pergi FB page STS KL at

So di sini just nak share info yang dapat so that boleh jadi rujukan diri sendiri dan orang ramai semoga boleh memberikan manfaat kepada kita semua, InsyaAllah.

Masa tiba, HOM sedang berjalan dan sedang sesi perkongsian income. Kemudian guest speaker untuk hari tersebut dijemput iaitu Sr Exec Pres Team Dr Khadijah Md Jadi berusia 52 tahun dan sudah 10 tahun maan Herbalife products! Dr Khadijah bertanyakan 2 soalan:
1. Can YOU buy health? - No!!!
2. Can YOU buy a car? - YES!!!

Understand that health is an investment. So kita semua mesti buat pelaburan untuk kesihatan kita.

STS bermula dengan tayangan video, Ready Go Now. We love this video! You can check it out at the following link:

1st Segment adalah perkongsian dari Millionaire Team - Mazlina. Dia berkongsi tentang produk khususnya inner and outer nutrition. Dia berkongsi tentang apa yang dipelajari semasa wellness tour baru2x ini. Dua perkara yang paling penting adalah:

1. If you don't take care of your nutrition than you are not taking care of your engine.

2.  Water for your body is like water for a washing machine!

In short, make sure you get good nutrition and drink a lot of plain water!!!

BMI is not a good indicator for your body. Two person can have the same BMI but one is healthy and the other is not healthy. You need to know your body's fat, muscle mass and water. Those are more important readings.

Herbalife promotes ideal weight, ideal shape and ideal skin!!!

As usual, perkongsian tentang semua produk asas herbalife iaitu F1, F2, F3, aloe vera, tea mix, omega 3, calcium plus dan NW.

Tea Mix kita cuma 6 kalori per serving!!!! Almost like plain water!!!

Seterusnya perkongsian tentang outer skin. Perkongsian yang menarik perhatian saya adalah tentang shampoo aqua fresh kita yang tidak mengandungi paraben dan sulphate. Rupanya kalau kita baru mula guna aqua fresh dan kita lihat rambut gugur atau keras sebenarnya rambut kita dalam proses detoks!!! Sangat luarrrrrbiasa!

Segment kedua disampaikan oleh Liyana Saiful. Perkongsiannya amat santai sekali menunjukkan betapa mudahnya untuk kita memperkenalkan Herbalife kepada orang lain. Asasnya tetap sama iaitu Guna Produk, Pakai Jenama Herbalife & Bercakap Dengan Ramai Orang!

Di bahagian Daily Method Operation (DMO) dia telah menjemput 2 orang utk berkongsi. Seorang wanita dan lelaki.

Wanita berkongsi tentang bagaimana menjemput orag ke Fit Club. Apa yang dibuat adalah dia akan jogging di taman berhampiran dengan kawasan perumahan. Setiap kali dia akan tegur orang yg jogging di sana dan tanya kenapa jogging. Kemudian dia akan jemput ke Fit Club dengan memberitahu lebih seronok buat aktiviti beramai-ramai. Matlamatnya adalah utk dapatkan nama dan HP utk hantar jemputan melalui whatsapp. Berdasarkan numbers, setiap 12 org yg dijemput, 2 orang akan datang.

Perkongsian DMO kedua adalah dari seorang lelaki dari Teluk Intan, Perak yang menggunakan DMO Nutrition Club atau NC. Menurutnya setiap 10 orang dia timbang dia akan dapat 6 orang join program. Ayat yang digunakan adalah saya tidak jual produk, saya cuma jual program. Suatu yang berbeza! Perkongsian yang paling best adalah apabila dia diberi amanah untu timbang 30 orang dalam satu hari. Sampai orang ke 29 dia tidak dapat closing seorang pun! Tetapi, alhamdulillah orang ke 30 dia terus closing 1000VP!!!

Apa yang kita boleh belajar adalah, tanggungjawab kita adalah hanya untuk berkongsi, selainnya Allah SWT yang akan lakukan untuk kita. InsyaAllah ada jalannnya.

Segment ketiga adalah tentang Marketing Plan yang diterangkan oleh Ustaz Mus'ab. Ringkas dan padat di mana penekanan diberikan kepada Senior Consultant iaitu 500VP atau 35%. Semua orang boleh capai! paling best recognition on stage siap dapat sijil!!!

Last sekali Dr Khadijah punya sharing. Basically dia punya message you need to choose whether to become a winner or a loser in Herbalife.

InsyaAllah we all want to be come winners in life! Semoga Allah SWT permudahkan untuk kita semua.

Monday, October 6, 2014

JT Foxx - Continuously Reinvent Yourself!

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya Korban with our family this weekend. We had a great time catching up with our family.

Before that we had the opportunity to meet JT Foxx in person at the Sheraton Imperial in KL as he was in town conducting a 2 day work shop. We thought that we should check it out. We could only make it for one day as the next day was AidilAdha.

So, I'm just going to share some of the stuff that I put down. We had a lot of notes from the session which we feel was very informative and exciting. But then that's what you need to be to become successful.

A little bit about JT Foxx, he's 33 this year. Became a millionaire at 24 through properties. Founder of Mega Partners. He is brilliant in leveraging his brand. he has a thing about his ties. He is Canadian and amazingly he used to be a stutter. He has been proclaimed as the next billionaire!!! The other things is that he is tall!

So here are some of the stuff that I got.

Actually I had a whole bunch of notes but seems to be misplaced. Need to work on that.

His session is basically how to improve your business.

Firstly understand that today it is a BENEFIT driven market place. People are looking for the BENEFIT. So you need to ask how can your business BENEFIT your customer.

Than you need to provide WOW service to them. How? This is be making sure that the little things are done.

CEO stands for Chief EXPERIENCE Officer. What kind of EXPERIENCE are you selling?

Your BRAND and REPUTATION is everything. Who are you & why should people care. You need to control your REPUTATION. Control it or die!

Sign up your name dot com to protect your brand and your name. Upload and share great testimonials about yourself.

In business you need to know your numbers. How many do you need to make it work.

Be aware of where the money will come for strategic growth. What are your profit centers.

Are you getting attention? It's better that other people is selling you. What kind of exposure do you have? Are you chasing the business or are they chasing you? YOU need to be going after both the rabbits and elephants!

The key to success is to continuously reinvent yourself! Ask your self 2 questions.

#1 - How can I be the BEST?
#2 - How can we make this BETTER?

Remember that YOU are a marketer first. Everyday is about marketing yourself to the world!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Creating Momentum in Your Life!

Wow! Just finish sharing some thoughts on Momentum.

This is something we shared with our son's school. It is the importance of maintaining and creating momentum in life to achieve success.

It's a huge word; MOMENTUM.

Anyways just saw on the news apparently there will be a Royal Belum Festival happening soon. Well, if you are a nature lover than you should check out our island lake resort which is near the Royal Belum National Park. You need to visit. It will be a totally different experience. You will discover new things, we guarantee it. Just visit now!

Anyways, back to my sharing for today. MOMENTUM.

Today we want to share with you a great word; MOMENTUM!

We do remember a law in physics defines momentum as; objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.

This statement holds true for everything we do in life especially in working towards becoming successful. You need to create momentum in what you are doing. Be it in your studies, your work, your health, your religion, in short everything you do needs to be built towards having momentum.

Why is momentum important?

When looking at our problems it can seem quite impossible to even budge them, much less make a significant impact. Often momentum matters more than strength, and persistence more than initial impact.

We came across this amazing experiment that was conducted to illustrate the power of momentum!

A teacher hung a bowling ball from the ceiling and told disbelieving students that he'd be able to make the ball swing with a ping pong ball. The bowling ball weighs 8 pounds, the ping pong ball roughly 0.006 pounds - a weight difference of over 1,333 times. Just as the laws of physics dictate that everything has momentum, everything that we do builds momentum. The question is whether or not the decisions that we make build momentum in the directions that we wish to go.

So a couch potato stays a couch potato. While others go out, take action every day and will achieve more. This makes sense. What separates the achievers from the couch potato? MOMENTUM.

It’s something every successful person or business possesses. Momentum is a powerful force that can lead you to all your goals.

The truth is, it’s going to take some time. No matter what you do, you will need time to build momentum. Here are 3 tips on how you can create momentum in what you do.

1.   Thinking consistency. Slow and steady wins the race. The turtle always beats the hare. Think about anything you’ve had success with. We can guarantee that you did it consistently over a period of time.  A little every day instead of trying to do too much too soon.

2.   Develop a routine for daily habits. Decide what new habits or behaviours correlate with whatever you want to have success in.

For example you want to become healthier. You start by changing your meals. Start by taking healthy breakfast. It’s not going too easy at first but once you start and you make it a routine, it will become a habit for you. Your mind, than your body will adjust and you will eventually create momentum. Soon it will be a part of you and you will be amazed how easy it is for you. It will all seem amazing and magical to you later on. That’s what momentum can do for your life!

The same can also be said about other things which are as simple as waking up early in the morning to perform our Subuh prayers. At first it’s going to be a challenge as you will need to fight with yourself to conquer the urge to go back to sleep. But as you build on the momentum it becomes easier with each new day. This can be seen from Ramadan. The first few days might be challenging but as we move towards the end of Ramadan, you will develop a momentum for fasting and you will be able to increase your prayers. That’s why it is so important to carry the momentum from Ramadan into the month of Syawal. But here in Malaysia we tend to celebrate Syawal for one whole month and thus we lose our momentum!

3.   Know why you’re doing it. Having superficial reasons will derail you so fast. That’s why New Year’s resolutions do not last! Think back to all the New Year resolution that you had, how many of them are still on your list? You fail more often than not. The reason being is that you do not have enough why behind those goals. It’s more of a feel good goal but not something that evokes your passion and commitment. It’s more of, if you get it, it’s great if not, you’re ok kind of goal.

If you have a deeper reason, you’ll keep going no matter what obstacles you face. You need to find your why for every goal that you have so that you can create momentum to achieve it.

Find what area in your life you want to have profound success. Use the tips above and find what behaviours in your life you have to change. Get momentum on your side and your life won’t be the same. We can guarantee it!!!

You do it for 30 days; YOU will see the difference.
You do it for 60 days; PEOPLE around you will see the difference.
You do it for 90 days; THE WORLD will see the difference!!!

So, come on! Let’s go and create some momentum!!!

PS - Right now we are creating a momentum with our nutrition club at our mosque. If you want to be part of our team, you can join us now. We have almost 130 locations nation wide and we are growing in numbers every single day! Do not miss out. YOU need this opportunity for yourself! Please go to

PSS - Let's create some momentum together :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Membina Rumah Di Syurga

Alhamdulillah semalam berpeluang mendengar tazkirah 20 minit bersama Imam dari Mekah iaitu Imam Muhammad Sharif Imrani yang bertandang ke Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq, Bangsar.

Pada mulanya, ingatkan Imam tidak dapat hadir kerana sampai azan Isyak masih belum tiba. Syukur Alhamdulillah semasa solat Isyak, beliau sampai. Dapatlah kami semua melakukan solat hajat bersamanya diikuti dengan tazkirah santai selama 20 minit.

Walaupun 20 minit sahaja namun apa yang Imam kongsikan boleh terus di praktikkan. Imam bermula dengan bertanya kepada jemaah. Siapa di sini ingin kaya? Semua jawab mahu. Kemudian Imam bertanya siapa mahu jadi kaya seperti Qarun? Semua kata tak mahu :)

Imam seterusnya berkata dia ingin berikan kami beberapa amalan yang membolehkan kita membina rumah di Syurga!

1. Solat sunat 12 rakkat setiap hari iaitu solat sunat Rawatib. Pastikan kita lakukan setiap hari. Tiada kos, cuma masa dan tenaga kita sahaja. Allahuakbar! Apa yang kita perlu buat adalah:
- 2 rakaat sebelum Subuh
- 4 rakaat sebelum Zohor
- 2 rakaat selepas Zohor
- 2 rakaat selepas Maghrib &
- 2 rakaat selepas Isyak

Ada banyak hadis sahih yang menyentuh kelebihan solat-solat sunat ini. Ayuh kita usaha untuk mengamalkannya. InsyaAllah.

2. Baca surah Al-Ikhlas sebanyak 10 kali setiap kali selepas solat fardhu. Nikmat dan fadhilat surat Al-Ikhlas ini juga terlalu banyak, Malah membacanya 3 kali sudah seumpama membaca seluruh Ai-Quran!!! Allahuakbar!

3. Untuk senang apabila dijemput sakaratul maut kerana sakitnya apabila nyawa ini di tarik adalah lebih sakit dari daging yang dihiris dengan pisau yang tajam. Bayangkanlah betapa sakitnya kita apabila roh berpisah dengan badan. Untuk memudahkan kita melalui proses yang kita semua pasti akan tempuhi, Imam memberitahu solat Subuh berjemaah dan yang terbaik adalah solat Subuh berjemaah di masjid atau surau. Allahuakbar.

Ya Allah semoga kau berikan kepada kami taufik dan hidayah serta kekuatan untuk mengejar semua ganjaran dan nikmat yang kau berikan. Berilah kami kebolehan, kemahuan dan kekuatan untuk mendekatkan diri kami kepadaMu Ya Allah. Amin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

7 Secrets to Successful Goal Setting

Today we want to share with you the magic of goal setting.
Almost everybody knows that in order to be successful in life we need to know what we want and what we want to achieve. A lot of people fail because they are not sure what they want to achieve.

A simple illustration would be this. Let’s say you are driving and you do not know where you are going. You are going to end up nowhere and most likely you’ll be wasting your time money and energy driving aimlessly without a specific destination.

But, let’s say you are driving and you have a destination which is to reach home because there is a family emergency. WE can guarantee that you will reach home regardless of the obstacles in front of you. It could be a massive traffic jam or it could even be an accident or road blocks along the way but you will persevere to get home. A road closure will make you change route but you will find an alternative route. Today it is so easy with our good friend waze! J How we wish our life is that simple – calculating alternative route.

We always give an example of playing a game of soccer without any goal post. Picture a match where you have two teams playing on the field and you are one of the audiences. The teams are playing their hearts out passing and running to beat their opponent and when they want to score there’s no goal post. How long do you think he game will last? Better yet, how long will you be watching? One word to describe this would be BORING! That’s right; life without a proper and clear goal would be BORING. We need to find our purpose so that we can strive to achieve it every single day.

A goal has to be something that excites you. It should be something that you can vividly imagine when achieving it. You can almost smell it, feel it and touch it. It must seem so real to you. This will make you utterly desire for it and in the process you will enthusiastically act upon to achieve your goals or dreams. So what are your goals?

Here are 7 secrets on how to help you to achieve your goal.

1.   Identify your goal
·        Make it as clear as possible. Once you have the goal, break it down to smaller task or the things that you need to do to achieve it. Be as detailed as possible. Also provide alternative on how you can achieve the goal so that you will have options when you face challenges and obstacles.

2.   List down all road blocks and obstacles
·        What are the things that will be a challenge for you to achieve your goal? Is it time? Money? Your children? Your assignments? Your family? Your friends? Your attitude? Your discipline and etc. The list could go on and on but it would be great to know them so that you have a better understanding of what you will be facing in order to achieve your dreams.

3.   Think Solutions
·        Now that you have the list of obstacles and road blocks, it is time to put on your thinking cap. How to overcome them. Do not focus on the problems but focus on the solutions. Remember what you focus on will expand. Become bigger than the problem, you will be able to overcome the challenges.
·        For example, if your problem is money, than start thinking how you can make some money. Cultivate your mind and the way will open for you.

4.   Time Frame
·        Set a time frame to achieve your goal. It must realistic and something that you believe is within your reach. But be careful not to make it too comfortable for you otherwise you will not challenge yourself. It should be enough to get you out of your comfort zone.
·        Once you have the time frame, break it down into things that you need to on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. This will make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

5.   Reasons
·        For every goal that you have, make sure there is a huge why attached to it. You need a big reason behind it.
·        You need to make it emotional so that it can motivate and inspire you when are not going well for you.
·        One thing we learned is that money is a poor motivator. It has to be more than just making money.
·        One of the most powerful reasons that you can put behind your goals is love. Your love for your parents, your family, your friends and the people that matter most to you. Use them as your reasons.
·        Make it personal!

6.   Affirmations
·        You need to talk to yourself every day. Affirm your beliefs and really put yourself up because you will need the energy.
·        We always love to use the athletes at their starting blocks. If you see the camera zooming on to their faces, you will notice that the athletes are mumbling to themselves as they get ready for their race. They are talking to themselves psyching themselves up, increasing their beliefs.
·        You can do this by having daily affirmations that will help you to stay focus. You can do it!
7.   Visualization
·        Last but not least, you have got to see it with your mind. You have to imagine what it would be like achieving your goals.
·        See the smiling faces, hear the laughter, smell the sweet tastes of victory as you become a winner.
·        We love the way Michael Jordan, the basketball legend describes how he plays the game. People often wondered how he could make spectacular plays. What did he replied? He said that the moves were already made in his mind before he executed them. Meaning he visualized it first.
·        As they say, everything is created twice. First in the mind and the second in reality. So start picturing yourself achieving your goal. It’s fun!

“Your success, where you go in life is only limited to your own imagination and your own hard work.”
― Mark Hughes, founder of Herbalife


PS – We're starting a NEW divison for our company and looking to setup 8 new business by the end of the year. If interested, please go to now!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

4 D's to Effective Speaking

Reading Brian Tracy's Speak To Win, Malay Edition.

Wow! A lot of great information to share. Let's start with the 4 D' to speak excellently!

1. DESIRE - you must have the desire. At the end of the day success is all about desire. How much you want it and what are you willing to do to achieve it. I remember Game 5 of the NBA finals back in 97 with the Bulls facing off Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan was sick with the flu and yet he he still managed to play the whole game made the game winning steal and scored 38 points. At the end when people interviewed him, his answer was it is all about desire and that he wanted it really bad. So how bad do you want success?

2. DECISION - we need to make decisions everyday so that what we decide to do will bring us closer to success and our goals. Most of the time we make the wrong decisions and we get side tracked. Take it on a daily basis. How's your decision so far today?

3. DISCIPLINE - this is the biggest challenge for everyone of us. To stay disciplined, to stay focused. One of the best ways to do this is to create success habits. Habits are formed after doing things consistently for 21 days. You can start by making a 90 days plan and work on the plan on a daily basis. Keep on doing it for 90 days. Changes will happen! The first 30 days, you will notice it. After 60 days, your family and friends will notice it. After 90 days, the world will know! Stay disciplined! You can do it.

4. DETERMINATION - you need to have strong determination. Remember successful people finish what they start. It's going to be hard and tough especially if you have never spoken in public but trust us the rewards will be amazing. You will have more confidence and you will attract success. InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



You are required to update your blog on a weekly basis for the next 12 weeks beginning the 1st week of June 2014 and ending on the 4th week of August 2014.

The objective of the blog is to ensure that you are constantly growing and developing yourself through the 5 Golden Rules of Leadership:
1. Coaching
2. Functions - attend soft skills and leadership programs
3. Read books
4. Listen to & watch positive and inspirational materials
5. Do activities / projects

Most of the time you will not have any idea what to share is because you have not done anything to develop yourself for that week. Take every opportunity to grow and work hard to develop yourself.

Enjoy the journey and take the opportunity to learn from every experience. InsyaAllah you will have a lot to share every week!

Here are some ideas on what you can share.

What I have learnt about myself this week:

What functions did I attend this week?

What lessons did I get from reading this week?

What did I learn from any audio or visual materials this week?

What activities did I do this week and what are the lessons that I learned?

*Please update your blog now! You need to update your blog latest by Saturday. Be creative. Make it fun and most importantly enjoy the experience. You will never know who you will help with your sharing.