Wednesday, September 3, 2014

7 Secrets to Successful Goal Setting

Today we want to share with you the magic of goal setting.
Almost everybody knows that in order to be successful in life we need to know what we want and what we want to achieve. A lot of people fail because they are not sure what they want to achieve.

A simple illustration would be this. Let’s say you are driving and you do not know where you are going. You are going to end up nowhere and most likely you’ll be wasting your time money and energy driving aimlessly without a specific destination.

But, let’s say you are driving and you have a destination which is to reach home because there is a family emergency. WE can guarantee that you will reach home regardless of the obstacles in front of you. It could be a massive traffic jam or it could even be an accident or road blocks along the way but you will persevere to get home. A road closure will make you change route but you will find an alternative route. Today it is so easy with our good friend waze! J How we wish our life is that simple – calculating alternative route.

We always give an example of playing a game of soccer without any goal post. Picture a match where you have two teams playing on the field and you are one of the audiences. The teams are playing their hearts out passing and running to beat their opponent and when they want to score there’s no goal post. How long do you think he game will last? Better yet, how long will you be watching? One word to describe this would be BORING! That’s right; life without a proper and clear goal would be BORING. We need to find our purpose so that we can strive to achieve it every single day.

A goal has to be something that excites you. It should be something that you can vividly imagine when achieving it. You can almost smell it, feel it and touch it. It must seem so real to you. This will make you utterly desire for it and in the process you will enthusiastically act upon to achieve your goals or dreams. So what are your goals?

Here are 7 secrets on how to help you to achieve your goal.

1.   Identify your goal
·        Make it as clear as possible. Once you have the goal, break it down to smaller task or the things that you need to do to achieve it. Be as detailed as possible. Also provide alternative on how you can achieve the goal so that you will have options when you face challenges and obstacles.

2.   List down all road blocks and obstacles
·        What are the things that will be a challenge for you to achieve your goal? Is it time? Money? Your children? Your assignments? Your family? Your friends? Your attitude? Your discipline and etc. The list could go on and on but it would be great to know them so that you have a better understanding of what you will be facing in order to achieve your dreams.

3.   Think Solutions
·        Now that you have the list of obstacles and road blocks, it is time to put on your thinking cap. How to overcome them. Do not focus on the problems but focus on the solutions. Remember what you focus on will expand. Become bigger than the problem, you will be able to overcome the challenges.
·        For example, if your problem is money, than start thinking how you can make some money. Cultivate your mind and the way will open for you.

4.   Time Frame
·        Set a time frame to achieve your goal. It must realistic and something that you believe is within your reach. But be careful not to make it too comfortable for you otherwise you will not challenge yourself. It should be enough to get you out of your comfort zone.
·        Once you have the time frame, break it down into things that you need to on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. This will make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

5.   Reasons
·        For every goal that you have, make sure there is a huge why attached to it. You need a big reason behind it.
·        You need to make it emotional so that it can motivate and inspire you when are not going well for you.
·        One thing we learned is that money is a poor motivator. It has to be more than just making money.
·        One of the most powerful reasons that you can put behind your goals is love. Your love for your parents, your family, your friends and the people that matter most to you. Use them as your reasons.
·        Make it personal!

6.   Affirmations
·        You need to talk to yourself every day. Affirm your beliefs and really put yourself up because you will need the energy.
·        We always love to use the athletes at their starting blocks. If you see the camera zooming on to their faces, you will notice that the athletes are mumbling to themselves as they get ready for their race. They are talking to themselves psyching themselves up, increasing their beliefs.
·        You can do this by having daily affirmations that will help you to stay focus. You can do it!
7.   Visualization
·        Last but not least, you have got to see it with your mind. You have to imagine what it would be like achieving your goals.
·        See the smiling faces, hear the laughter, smell the sweet tastes of victory as you become a winner.
·        We love the way Michael Jordan, the basketball legend describes how he plays the game. People often wondered how he could make spectacular plays. What did he replied? He said that the moves were already made in his mind before he executed them. Meaning he visualized it first.
·        As they say, everything is created twice. First in the mind and the second in reality. So start picturing yourself achieving your goal. It’s fun!

“Your success, where you go in life is only limited to your own imagination and your own hard work.”
― Mark Hughes, founder of Herbalife


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