Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's that time again... we just want to say...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin!

To your health & success!

Amirul & Elin

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Steps to Success

10 Steps to Success which we would now like to share with you.

1.   Believe YOU can be successful. ~ The biggest problem with a lot of people is that they don’t believe they can be successful. Hence that is why they are not successful. YOU must believe that you deserve success as much as anybody. If you don’t believe in yourself, than find someone who will believe in you. We believe in YOU!

2.   Have the right association. ~ YOU need to surround yourself with the right people. That is why you need to have the right attitude. Like attracts like, positive people will attract positive people and successful people will attract successful.

When you associate yourself with highly positive, inspired and motivated people you cannot help but become positive, inspired and motivated. In order to be successful find the right team and do what they do.

3.   Plan for the day. Schedule your day. ~ The biggest mistake that we can make in our daily lives is that we do not plan for the day. How many times has this happened to you? You wake up and you start to do what you do, and all of a sudden you realize the day is over and you have not done anything!

How do you feel? If you feel terrible than you need to do something about it. Make small efforts to plan your day before you go to bed. List down the things that you need to do. It will keep you on track and furthermore you will be doing things that will contribute towards your goal.

4.   Learn, learn, learn. ~ Become a student of life. As they say, life is willing to teach you when you are willing to learn. In order to be successful we need to be teachable. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must have the hunger and the desire to become better. You need to work on yourself. This is called personal and leadership development.

A lot of people stop learning after they get their diploma, degree, masters and PHD. To them learning is just the academics. In life it is more than just academics. In order to be successful you need to constantly grow yourself. You need to invest your time to read, attend trainings and seminars. There are always something NEW to learn. What did you learn today?

5.   Take responsibility. ~ We are responsible for our own results. We are responsible for our dreams and goals. We are responsible for our actions. If you look at your life and you are not happy than go and look into the mirror and ask yourself, what have you been doing.

At the end of the day, we are the ones who make things happen. It is not anybody else but ourselves. So stop blaming and start taking up the responsibility for your life and your future.

6.   Take action. ~ YOU need to go to work NOW. Don’t procrastinate. What do you need to do? Just do it. Take massive actions, and you will see the results. Sometimes in fact most of the time the results are never instant, understand the concept of delayed gratification J

That’s why one of the best way to stay focus and ensure that you do the job is to have a 90 days plan. The 90 days plan basically is a plan where you outline everything that you need to do in life for the next 90 days that will get you to your goal. You need to stay committed and keep on doing even though you don’t see the results. After the 90 days than you will re-evaluate and see what are the changes that you need to make and start with a NEW 90 days plan. In short just do it!

7.   Be willing to make mistakes. ~ Mistakes are good! We learn best by making mistakes. The problem in today’s society is that we tell our kids it is bad to make mistakes. Children are discouraged to make mistakes. Everything needs to be right.

Understand that the journey to success you will encounter defeats, failures, setbacks and make mistakes. It is the process. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before creating the light bulb. James Dyson failed 5000 times before he succeeded in inventing the vacuum cleaner with no bag.

YOU must be willing to make mistakes but make sure you learn from the experience. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. That would make you insane!

8.   Be willing to risk. ~ In life you must be willing to take risk. Take calculated risk. Risk does not necessarily mean money. It could be anything to as simple as putting your hands up to volunteer to answer question or to attend an opportunity meeting. Take a chance you will never know what doors will open for you.

9.   Stay FOCUS on your goals. ~ Remember FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful. Today is getting harder and harder to stay focus. There are just too many distractions. We really need to put ourselves in a position where we can give 100% commitment and effort.

A recent study that was shown in this month Reader’s Digest showed that people today who are attempting to multitask is counterproductive. This is because our brain requires us to focus. For Muslims you can look at when you perform your solat everytime. How many of us lose our focus during solat when we hear our hand phones ring? It could be just a message alert and our mind will wander thinking who could that be?

If we can focus when we solat, InshaAllah we can stay focus to do other things. It won’t be easy. Right now, we are sharing this with you and our son is beside us asking for attention. Got to stay FOCUS!

10.                Stick with it until YOU win! ~ Finally in order to be successful, YOU need to stick with your goals and the plans that you have put up. Work the plan and miracles will happen. Just stay on the course, do not get side tracked and never lose focus. Put up your goals clearly so that you see them every day. Dream about, visualize it, feel it and make it emotional. Get yourself to desire it so that it becomes your fule to work hard to achieve success!

Sunday, June 9, 2013



Aisyah r.aha menyebut:

“Aku tidak pernah melihat Rasulullah s.a.w berpuasa dalam bulan lain lebih daripada puasa Syaaban. Baginda pernah berpuasa Syaaban sepenuhnya, kecuali hanya beberapa hari (tidak puasa)” (Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim).

Usamah bin Zaid pernah bertanya Nabi s.a.w mengapa baginda banyak berpuasa pada Bulan Syaaban, Nabi s.a.w menjawab:

“Syaaban antara Rejab dan Ramadan, manusia lalai mengenainya. Padanya (Bulan Syaaban) diangkat amalan hamba-hamba Allah. Aku suka tidak diangkat amalanku, melainkan aku dalam keadaan berpuasa” (Riwayat al-Nasai, dinilai hasan oleh al-Albani dalam Silsilah al-Sahihah 4/522).

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Rules to Follow for Sales Letter Success - Good Guidelines

Here are some tips on how to write effective Sales Letters or Direct Mails as people sometime call it. Personally sales letters are the best! It works but YOU need to know what to write. Here are some great tips that we got from some experts. Enjoy!

1. Never forget that people don't buy features, they buy benefits - This is so basic as to be trite. Yet it's one of the most common sales letter mistakes small business owners make. For example, we've all heard or read the expression, "People don't buy a post hole digger, they buy a post hole." Now let's say you're a real estate agent with 20 years of experience. The fact that you're an experienced real estate agent is analogous to "post hole digger." But your documented 20-year track record showing that you -- on average -- will move a property within 36 days of listing it…and move it for no less than 5% of the original asking price, that's the post hole/benefit. Think! What are the BENEFITS that YOU can offer to your clients? List them down before YOU start your letter.
2. Never forget that specifics are what give your benefits power, punch and salesmanship - Note the specifics in the above example. The agent has a documented track record (a paper trail to back up her claim) and the track record shows (a) she moves a property within 36 days of listing it and (b) within 5% of the original asking price. Never speak in general terms when you can use a specific. Think! Be SPECIFIC! Quantify, Describe the benefit!
3. Never forget that a sales letter is the most personal and direct form of advertising you will ever create - As such, your success depends largely on your ability to make your customer or prospect feel as though you sat down at the keyboard…and carefully and thoughtfully composed a letter just for him or her. Freelance direct mail writer Harry B. Walsh puts it this way, "The tone of a good direct mail letter is as direct and personal as the writer's skill can make it. Even though it may go to millions of people it never orates to a crowd but rather murmurs into a single ear. It's a message from one letter writer to one letter reader." Mr. Walsh suggests telling a story as one effective way of making a personal connection with your reader and I agree. Take our real estate agent. She no doubt has accumulated many unique stories over the years that convincingly illustrate the benefits of using her services. And she would be wise to include a few of them in her sales letters. Think! Share A Story In Your Letter Or Share An Experience!
4. Never forget to use the magic words - In Denny Hatch's great book, Method Marketing, he writes about the time early on in his career when his boss gave him a half-hour lecture on direct mail. According to Mr. Hatch, at one point his boss pulled out a column from the old Saturday Review wherein the writer, humorist Goodman Ace, listed what he considered to be the twelve most powerful and evocative words in the English language. Those words are:
you, save, money, easy, guarantee, health, proven, safety, discovery, new, love, results.
To these twelve Hatch adds one more -- FREE -- citing legendary direct marketer Dick Benson who said, "'Free' is a magic word." So, for that matter, are the other twelve. Look for every opportunity to use these thirteen magic words in your sales letter copy. Use them properly and they will work magic on your response rates. There are ONLY 13 Words. Try to use them everytime! InsyaAllah it will work!
5. Never forget to make an offer - This is another reminder that is so fundamental and so basic I hesitate to include it. But based on the fact that only one letter submitted for this column included an offer, I feel compelled to do so. Your offer is the stimulus for ACTION. The stimulus ISN'T your product or service, it's the DEAL. The quid pro quo (literally "this for that" in Latin). For example, you offer your customer or prospect a free trial, free demo, a Free Special Report or White Paper, a limited time special price, a free gift. In exchange for accepting your offer they agree to do something of value for you. NOTE: Your offer must match the commitment you're asking the prospect to make.
When crafting your next sales letter remember to apply the principles and pointers contained within these five Never Forgets. If you do, chances are you -- and your sales letter -- will enjoy more success.

FInally, THINK of an OFFER that is to good to be refused. It can be in a form of a GUARANTEE.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Just wanted to share this article that we read off from yahoo. Thought that it would be a good one to share.

By Tom Mangan Monster Contributing Writer 

Which blunders will send your resume straight into oblivion? There might be dozens, depending on the job, but experts say these five common resume mistakes are most likely to derail your job search. 

Your Age 

Hiring managers need to know what you can do for them, not how many years you�ve managed to stay alive. Darlene Zambruski, managing editor of and, advises against:
  • Listing professional experience more than 15 years old.
  • Providing an exact number of years of professional experience in your opening summary.
"For example: 'senior accountant with more than 25 years of experience in...' -- this kind of data invites age discrimination," Zambruski said. 

And don't forget that age bias cuts both ways: A resume that tells a future boss you're too young for the job is no good, either. 

Lists of Tasks or Duties Without Results 
Your resume has to go beyond saying which jobs you've done: It must establish what you've accomplished on those jobs. Many applicants miss this key distinction. 

"The only things that separate equally qualified candidates are the results of their efforts," Zambruski said. "For example, an administrative assistant may write, 'reorganized filing system.' That provides the task. What were the results? A better way to write it would be, 'Increased team productivity 20% by reorganizing filing system.' Results are what matter to hiring managers." 

Explanations of Anything Negative 
Everybody has dark stories in their past. 

There's no place for them on your resume. "Your resume is a promotional document and all promotional documents need to be positive," said Teddy Burriss, a career counselor and outplacement consultant in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

The time to explain yourself is when you're talking to somebody in person after you've scored an interview, Burriss said. 

A List of Every Job You've Ever Held 
Hiring managers don't want to know about that summer you worked as a lifeguard -- unless you're applying to manage the park district's pool. 

"Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for relevance and stability," Burriss said. The key is to list the work you've done in the past 10 to 15 years that tells an employer you're a skilled, reliable fit for the job. 

Say you've had three employers in the past seven years but only two of them are in the industry you're applying for. Employers don't want to see a gap in your employment record, so you still need to list that third job -- just make sure you list the accomplishments in that job that are relevant to the job you're applying for. 

Personal Details 
Employers usually don't care about your marital status, race, sexual orientation or hobbies, unless they are somehow pivotal to the job. Including personal data is a rookie mistake, and nobody wants to hire a rookie. 

Crafting and sending a resume is part of the "discovery phase" of the hiring process, Burriss said, so employers at this phase don't need personal details beyond your name, city, state and a way to contact you. If you make it to the hiring phase, the human resources department will collect your relevant personal details then. 

Most resumes are now transmitted electronically, and there's no way to be sure where one might end up after you send it in. With identity thieves always on the prowl, you always need to protect your personal data. Never include your Social Security number. 

A few more quick tips from the staffing agency Temporary Resources Inc.:
  • Make sure your resume has no typos, grammar goofs or factual errors (like getting a company's name wrong).
  • Don't list your salary history unless the employer demands it. 
  • Don't worry about providing references. You can do that in a separate document.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Croods

We just got back from watching a good movie with our kids. It was an animated movie simply entitled The Croods. To tell you the truth, we did not have any idea what the movie was about. It was in the spur of the moment on our daughter’s birthday. She wanted to do something together so we all agreed on a movie and the movie that could fit into our last minute schedule was The Croods. J

The movie was awesome. It had a good storyline and the animation and graphics were cool and bright. But most importantly the movie had a lot of lessons that we could take home and apply in our daily lives namely on leadership.

Before we go any further, here is a simple synopsis of The Croods so that you may better understand what we want to share today. Of course the best is to go and watch the movie!

The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime. The family consist of Eep, living in pre-historic times, her overprotective father Grug, mother Ugga, little sister Sandy, brother Thunk, and grandmother.

When the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed, the Croods have to venture into the unknown for the first time. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever especially when they meet Guy, an intelligent caveboy.

You can check out the movie trailer here:

So here are three lessons that we learned from The Croods that we can all use to succeed in life.

1.   Use your brain – IDEAS!
As humans, we have the ultimate gift which is our brains. This separates us from other things on this great earth. Most of the time because of our routine we never use our brain enough. We just set our life on auto pilot and do everything as we do them every day. Sure there are some things that you don’t have to think too much but what happen is that we do not utilize our brain.

We must focus on what we can do not on what we can’t do. When we have the right focus, we can use our brain to think and we will start to generate ideas that will help us to achieve our goals. That’s why if you spend a day thinking you will find yourself getting tired faster as whenever you need to think you are using your resources. Thinking is the most important activity but it is something that people don’t do enough.

Using your brain will allow you to plan your life better. You will also be able to come up with better solutions and better ways to do things. In short you can have a better life just by thinking more!

2.   Follow the light – DREAMS
The Croods showed us that we must have a dream. When you don’t have a dream you will be stuck in your life. One of the best ways to have a dream is to get the right exposure. As they say, exposure leads to expansion.

Most of the time our problem is that we do not see the light hence we cannot follow the light. Walt Disney so eloquently said, ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it.’

The Croods managed to change their lives and more importantly survive because they decided to follow the light. If you want to be a great leader than you need to have a dream. You need to follow the light to your dreams. Once you see your light you can be the light for others to follow.

3.   Get out of the cave – GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
In order to achieve success you need to get out of your comfort zone. Before they lost their cave, the Croods were just surviving. They were not even leaving. Their goal was not to die. To them anything new was bad. Experimenting was bad. Trying was bad. In short just do the same things that have kept them alive.

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the toughest things to do in life. We all have problems to do it. In the Croods, when they decided to get out of their comfort zone and try out new things, they discover new things and it allowed them to grow to become better people.

Think back to the things that have happened to you that you thought was bad for you. Chances are those experiences have helped you to grow to become a better person. That’s why we learn more from our failures. Ask any successful person about their journey to success and we can guarantee you that they will have a lot of stories of failures along the way J

Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Jenis Hidayah

Alhamdulillah, hari ini kami sekeluarga telah diberi taufik & hidayah serta peluang untuk menghadiri satu majlis ilmu di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq, Bangsar. Perkongsian pada malam ini amat menarik sekali iaitu tentang hidayah.

Rupa-rupanya ada 5 jenis hidayah. Saya akan cuba berkongsi berdasarkan apa yang boleh saya ingat dan faham tadi.

1. Hidayah Tabiin atau Semulajadi
Menurut Ustaz, hidayah ini adalah hidayah semulajadi yang diberikan kepada semua makhluk termasuk manusia, haiwan dan tumbuhan.

Contohnya, anak penyu yang menetas akan terus menghala ke laut. Ini adalah hidayah tabiin. Ia tidak perlu diajar.  Malah kajian para saintis menunjukkan anak-anak penyu akan ke laut. Mereka telah meletak telur penyu di antara sungai dan laut dan subhanAllah, anak penyu apabila menetas menghala ke laut.

Contoh manusia pula adalah apabila lahir sememangnya bayi akan menangis. Malah kalau tidak menangis doktor akan tampar dan bayi akan menangis. Bayi tidak perlu diajar untuk menangis. Inilah yang dipanggil Hidayah. Tabiin.

2. Hidayah Pancaindera

Hidayah ini adalah hidayah yang diperolehi melalui pancaindera kita. Contohnya, kalau kita sentuh cerek yang panas sudah pasti kita akan bertindakbalas untuk menarik tangan kita.

3. Hidayah Akal

Hidayah akal adalah yang membezakan manusia dengan binatang. Malah manusia adalah sebaik-baik kejadian kerana kita mempunyai kelebihan iman dan juga akal.

4. Hidayah Islam

Hidayah seterusnya adalah hidayah Islam. Kita bersyukur kepada Allah SWT kerana kita dilahirkan sebagai seorang islam atau kita menerima hidayah untuk memeluk Islam. Walaubagaimanapun ini tidak menjamin syurga di akhirat nanti.

5. Hidayah Taufik

Hidayah yang paling hebat adalah Hidayah Taufik. Contoh hidayah taufik ini sepertimana yang Ustaz kongsikan adalah katakanlah kita hendak pergi menunaikan solat fardhu di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar as Siddiq. Kita tidak tahu jalannya dan kita berhenti bertanya kepada seseorang. Orang tersebut lalu mmemberikan kita panduan dan kita pun cubalah untuk sampai. Hidayah Taufik adalah di mana apabila kita bertanya, orang itu juga berkata dia hendak ke masjid lalu menaiki kereta bersama untuk membawa kita ke Masjid. SubhanAllah!

Hidayah Taufik adalah di mana kita timbul niat kemudian Allah membantu kita untuk melaksanakannya. Jadi kita mestilah berdoa agar sentiasa dikurniakan hidayah taufik. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learning To Fail

Today we want to share one of the principles that are often neglected when we are trying to pursue success and making our dreams come true. The principle is the understanding of failure is part of success.

We were reading a book, entitled 18 Minutes which was a gift from our sister. In one of the chapters, the author discussed an interesting topic which was ‘Learning to fail’. It was an interesting chapter and we want to share with you today.

The author described that one day after his workout at the local gym, his fitness coach asked to see him after his session ended. He was surprised as he had done all the routine without fail. Nevertheless he went to see his coach. He asked his coach, what’s the matter? I did everything in the routine and I managed to do it all. I did not fail in anything. He said that is the problem. You did not fail!

He was surprised. He asked his coach what did he meant by not failing. His coach went on to explain and gave an example. You have been using the same weights for quite some time. Why have you not increased the weight? His answer was that he was afraid that he could not lift the weights and that he would fail to complete the routine. Therein lies the problem said the coach. You are too comfortable and you are afraid to make mistakes. You will never be able to grow your muscles.

Wow! That is a great point. Today in life we work hard to avoid making mistakes. We are so afraid of failures and making mistakes. We punish our young for making mistakes and they become perfectionist and stressed out when they make mistakes. We have people who quit their business because fear of rejections. People today just cannot handle mistakes, rejections and the NOs in life. Hence the reason why they cannot succeed.
We love Michael Jordan! We love to watch him play. He plays with passion and he is not afraid to fail. He was cut from his high school team because he was not good enough. And yet, today he is recognized as arguably one of the best to have ever played the game of basketball. His secrets, he has failed so many times that is why he succeeds. They even mad a video commercial that we love to share with you. Here is the link. Check it out:

Today, make a decision to accept failures and rejections. The more failures and rejections that you can endure, believe that success is just around the corner. We have all heard of Thomas Edison’s failure. How many times did he fail to get the light bulb to work? What about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. How many doors did he knock before they gave him a chance to share his recipe? Imagine if they all gave up!

The thing that we must do is that we must learn from our failures and mistakes. Most of the time, we fail to do it hence we keep on making the same mistakes. Life is willing to teach us when we are ready to learn.

There is a great saying about school and life. The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Terpisah Selepas Tawaf Pertama...

Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Allah SWT kerana dengan limpah kurniaNya serta izinNya, dapatlah kami sekeluarga menjadi tetamuNya di bumi suci Mekah & Madinah pada 11-23 Februari 2013 yang lalu. Alhamdulillah tercapai cita-cita kami sekeluarga untuk menunaikan umrah bersama. Terlalu banyak yang ingin dikongsikan, kini sudah 2 Jumaat berlalu sejak kami pulang ke Malaysia dan terasa rindu sekali dengan Kota Mekah & Kota Madinah. InsyaAllah matlamat seterusnya adalah untuk menunaikan Haji sekeluarga dan kemudian umrah setiap tahun insyaAllah.

Sekadar ingin berkongsi pengalaman semasa melakukan umrah pertama kami. Kami telah terbang terus ke Madinah dari KLIA. Setelah 5 hari 4 malam, kami pun bertolak ke Mekah untuk menunaikan ibadat umrah. Kami bertolak pada hari Jumaat dan sudah siap dengan berpakaian ihram. Setibanya di Bir Ali, miqat bagi semua yang ke Mekah dari Madinah, kami solat sunat ihram dan berniat umrah. Perjalanan bas dari Madinah ke Mekah mengambil masa 5 jam. Sepanjang perjalanan, kami rasa bersyukur kerana hidup di zaman yang serba moden dengan sistem pengangkutan dan jalan raya yang selesa. Di luar sana kami hanya nampak padang pasir. Kami tak boleh bayangkan bagaimana Rasulullah SAW & para sahabat berhijrah dan menunaikan Haji pada masa lalu. Sungguh hebat pengorbanan mereka.

Perjalanan kami diserikan dengan hentian di sebuah R&R untuk makan malam dan solat Jamak Takhir Isyak & Maghrib. Memang suasananya berbeza sekali berbanding di Malaysia. Kemudian kami berlima makan malam dalam talam berkongsi nasi dan lauk. Alhamdulillah lazat sekali & malam itu rezeki kami apabila kami terima sedekah 2 gelas teh 'O' dari pemilik restoran. Alhamdulillah!

Perjalanan diteruskan & alhamdulillah kami selamat tiba di Mekah pada jam 12 tengah malam. Kami terus di bawa ke hotel dan di minta berkumpul di lobi jam 12:20 pagi untuk terus ke Masjidil Haram bagi menunaikan umrah. Terasa sungguh bersemangat dan perasaan masih tidak percaya kami sudah berada di Mekah. Suasana di Mekah sibuk sekali dan terlalu ramai manusia walaupun sudah lewat malam. Setelah semua berkumpul, kami bergerak bersama berjalan kami sambil bertalbiah ke Masjidil Haram. Alhamdulillah, isteriku Elin mendukung Danish menggunakan carrier yang dipinjam dari adiknya Eirna. Terima kasih banyak Eirna & Jai, Allah sahaja yang membalas jasa mereka ;). Dengan carrier itulah kami sekeluarga dapat melakukan 5 umrah. Kalau tidak tak tahulah macamana sebab Danish tidak mahu berjalan dan terlalu ramai orang.

Setibanya di Masjidil Haram, kami terus masuk ke dalam sambil dipimpin Mutawir kami iaitu Ustaz Safarudin, seorang ustaz yang baik dan berilmu. Terima kasih Ustaz semoga Allah selamatkannya dunia & akhirat. Ustaz membimbing kami semua dalam 40 orang untuk melakukan umrah. Bua pertama kami melihat Kaabah, seperti tidak percaya. Allahuakbar, terima kasih Ya Allah kerana memberikan kami peluang menjadi tetamuMu. Kami terus dipimpin untuk melakukan tawaf. Sebaik sahaja kami mula melakukan tawaf, kami terpisah dari ustaz dan kumpulan kami kerana terlalu ramai orang. Pada waktu itu kami tidak risau kerana kami masih bersama. Jadi kami sepakat untuk lakukan bersama. Elin mendukung Danish dan saya memimpin Elina dan Aiman.

Selepas tawaf pertama, saya terbatal wuduk. Saya maklumkan kepada Elin dan dia terus memimpin anak-anak kami Elina & Aiman sambil mendukung Danish. Dia kata nanti jumpa di lampu hijau kita sambung tawaf bersama. Orang terlalu ramai dan itulah kali terakhir saya melihat mereka. Saya terus mencari tempat untuk mengambil wuduk. Pencuci di situ memberitahu, ambil sahaja dengan menggunakan air zam zam. Selepas ambil wuduk, saya terus melakukan tawaf, setiap kali tiba di lampu hijau saya cuba mencari Elin dan anak-anak tetapi tidak berjumpa. Terlalu ramai orang dan semuanya sedang bergerak melakukan tawaf. Saya menjadi risau kerana Elin terpaksa menjaga 3 orang anak-anak dan kami langsung tidak berbincang sekiranya terpisah di mana harus berjumpa atau tunggu.

Alhamdulillah saya berjaya menyelesaikan tawaf. Alhamdulillah, saya solat sunat di belakang Makam Ibrahim. Saya berasa risau dan sepanjang tawaf saya berdoa kepada Allah SWT perliharalah isteri dan anak-anak agar dapat berjumpa semula. Setelah selesai tawaf, saya terus ke tempat kami meninggalkan selipar dengan harapan mereka menunggu di sana. dalam perjalanan saya terserempak dengan satu pasangan suami isteri di dalam kumpulan kami. Mereka bertanya di mana isteri dan anak-anak? Saya beritahu kami terpisah. Mereka terkejut dan risau dan bertanya macamana? Saya beritahu mereka saya nak pergi lihat di tempat selipar mana tahu diorang tunggu di sana. Sampai di tempat seliapar, Elin & anak-anak tiada di situ. Saya menjadi risau dan saya berdoa kepada Allah SWT agar menjaga mereka.

Yang merisaukan saya adalah lebih kepada anak-anak kami Elina dan Aiman kerana kalau terpisah mereka tidak tahu hendak ke mana. Mereka tidak membawa HP dan ini merupakan malam pertama kami di Kota Mekah dan sudah pasti jalan untuk pulang ke Hotel juga mereka kurang pasti. malah nama Hotel pun mereka tidak tahu. Saya berdoa, Ya Allah, Kau peliharalah isteri dan anak-anak ku.

Pada waktu itu saya berfikir, apakah yang akan isteri ku lakukan. Dalam minda, saya tahu Elin akan teruskan untuk selesaikan umrah. Jadi saya terus melakukan Saie. Saya berdoa kepada Allah agar dapat dipertemukan dengan isteri dan anak-anak selepas Saei. Pada waktu itu bermacam-macam perkara bermain di minda saya. Saya teringat, Elin ada mengatakan yang dia nak bawa anak-anak buat umrah, mungkin inilah dia. Kemuadian mak saya sudah berpesan beberapa kali, jaga budak-budak, ramai orang. Pada waktu itu saya rasa tidak boleh buat apa-apa. Terlalu ramai orang dan pada waktu itu saya redha dan terima sebagai ujian.

Selesai 7 kali berulang alik Safa ke Marwah dan Marwah ke Safa saya terus bergegas ke tempat selipar. Pada waktu itu sudah pukul 3 pagi. AllahuAkbar! Saya dapat lihat Elin dan anak-anak di tempat selipar. Mereka selamat dan telah berjaya lakukan umrah. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Allah. Elin berkongsi dengan saya, selepas terpisah mereka cuba mencari saya tetapi tidak jumpa jadi mereka teruskan tawaf hingga selesai 7 pusingan. Setelah selesai Elin beritahu anak-anak sudah risau sebab sudah terpisah dengan ustaz dan juga bapa. Aiman sudah mahu menangis. Selesai tawaf mereka terus ke belakang Makam Ibrahim dan solat sunat. Selesai solat sunat, di depan mereka, terlihat Ustaz! SubhanAllah. Terus Ustaz bertanya di mana bapa? Mereka memberitahu Ustaz dan Ustazlah memimpin mereka sehingga selesai. Syukur Alahmdulillah.

Saya rasa gembira sangat semasa berjumpa semula Elin dan anak-anak. Soalan pertama mereka tanya, sudah bertahalul (gunting/cukur)? Saya beritahu belum sebab saya terus ke tempat selipar setelah selesai Saei. Lalu Ustaz Sarafudin terus memotong rambut saya untuk selesaikan umrah pertama kami sekeluarga.

Syukur kepada Allah SWT atas segala nikmatnya. Terasa sangat diri ini kerdil dan tiada apa-apa. Ya Allah tetapkanlah iman kami sekeluarga. Kuatkanlah iman kami dan berilah kami peluang menjadi tetamu lagi. Amin.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amalan Seorang Sahabat Ahli Syurga

Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT memberikan peluang untuk terus hidup di dunia ini. Syukur pagi tadi dapat solat berjemaah dengan seisi keluarga dan dapat berkongsi hadith dengan semua tentang lebihnya umat Muhammad SAW iaitu dengan kalimah Lailahaillallah (لاَ إِلَهَ إِلَّاالله) . Sungguh beruntung kita sebagai umat Nabi Muhammad SAW kerana kalimah Lailahaillallah (لاَ إِلَهَ إِلَّاالله) boleh membantu kita kelak. InsyaAllah.

Selepas hantar anak-anak kesekolah, dengar radio IKIM FM dan ada perkongsian dari seorang Ustaz. Dia menceritakan sebuah kisah di mana Rasulullah SAW sedang mengajar sekumpulan sahabat dan kemudian Baginda Nabi SAW memaklumkan sedikit lagi akan datang seorang sahabat yang akan duduk bersama kita. Rasulullah seterusnya memberitahu semua di situ bahawa sahabat ini adalah seorang ahli syurga. Para sahabat semua teruja dan tidak sabar untuk melihat siapkah sahabat yang akan muncul.

Apabila sahabat ini muncul, semuanya melihat dia dan tersenyum dan meraikan kedatangannya. Setelah selesai perjumpaan dengan Rasulullah SAW, seorang sahabat pergi mendampingi sahabat yang dikatakan ahli syurga ini. Sahabat ini bertanya bolehkah dia menjadi tetamu kepadanya. Sahabat ahli syurga ini membenarkannya maka sahabat yang seorang lagi ini menjadi tetamu selama 3 hari. Maka dilayanlah sahabat ahli syurga ini selama 3 hari dari segi pemakanannya, tempat tidurnya dan sebagainya. Setelah hari ketiga sahabat ini meminta izin untuk pulang.

Setelah pulang, sahabat ini tertanya-tanya apakah yang membezakan sahabat yang dikatakan ahli syurga ini dengan dirinya kerana semua amalannya adalah sama. Ibadatnya, solatnya, makannya, cara hidupnya semua sama kecuali apa yang dilakukan oleh sahabat syurga ini di dalam bilik tidurnya bersama isterinya. Lalu sahabat ini terus ke rumah Rasulullah SAW. Beliau bertanya kepada Rasulullah SAW apakah perbezaannya. Rasulullah SAW memberitahu yang Baginda SAW tidak tahu jawapannya cuma Baginda SAW tahu yang sahabat tadi adalah ahli syurga. Rasulullah SAW menyuruh sahabat ini bertanya sendiri kepada sahabat ahli syurga.

Lalu sahabat ini pergi berjumpa semula dengan sahabat ahli syurga ini dan memaklumkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW ada memberitahu yang beliau adalah seorang ahli syurga. Sahabat ahli syurga ini terkejut kerana beliau senditi tidak tahu. Lalu ditanya apakah yang dia lakukan berbeza? Semuanya sama kecuali apa yang dilakukan di dalam bilik tidur.

Sahabat ahli syurga ini, menceritakan apa yang dilakukannya apabila masuk tidur. Sebaik sahaja aku baringkan diri aku di atas katil untuk tidur aku memohon kepada Allah SWT 3 perkara;

1. Aku memohon keampunan untuk orang yang paling rapat denganku selepas Allah SWT & Rasulullah SAW iaitu kedua ibubapaku. Aku memberitahu Allah SWT kedua ibubapaku adalah orang yang baik dan telah menjaga aku dengan baik oleh itu ampunilah segala dosa mereka.

2. Kemudian aku memohon kepada Allah SWT orang yang paling rapat kepada ku selepas ibubapaku iaitu isteriku. Aku memohon agar Allah SWT ampunkan dosanya walaupun kadang-kadang aku marah dan geram kepadanya tetapi aku maafkan dan aku doakan agar Allah ampunkan dosanya. Dia isteri yang baik dan semoga menjadi isteri yang soleh.

3. Ketiga aku doakan dan aku mohon keampunan untuk anak-anak ku. Memang ada hari aku berasa marah dan hilang sabar dengan anak-anak ku tetapi aku mohon ampun untuk mereka kepada Allah SWT. Mereka anak-anak yang baik dan jadikan meraka anak-anak yang soleh.

Wah! Sungguh hebat. satu amalan yang kita boleh lakukan bersama setiap malam sebelum tidur. InsyaAllah.