Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Resolving Brother DCP 130C Printer with Unable to Clean 46 Error

Alhamdulillah, today finally managed to resolve our printer problem with a little help through the internet. It is amazing what information you can find on the web today. Thanks for sharing everybody.

Anyways, if you guys have a DCP 130C and facing an Unable to Clean error 46 problem than do the following;

the proper reset code sequence to reset DCP printers without numeric keypad should be as follows:

1. press buttons Set, Menu, Mono Start one by one, followed by up arrow key four times. this should all be done as short a time as possible, around 3 seconds.

2. enter maintenance mode 80 by pressing the up/down arrow key and set key to select numbers 8 and 0

3. press up arrow key several times to get to the Purge* item

4. enter 2, 7, 8 and 3 using arrow/set keys to reset the counter

5. press Stop/Exit key to go to root of maintenance mode

6. enter 9,9 to exit maintenance mode

* if you are having problem to get to Purge, do the following;
For item 2 use the up key to select 8 the press OK to enter it, then use the up key to select 0 and then the OK button to enter it too. Together this forms number 80 in maitenance mode. I found I had to use the blue MONO start button to select PURGE which requires it to be pressed a number of times before PURGE appears on the LCD screen of the printer. Once there use the up key and OK buttons to enter the reset code of 2783. Note this does not overwrite the number next to PURGE on the LCD screen but once the last number is added it gets reset to 0000. Exit the menu as per step 6 above.

Try it! You can SAVE MONEY & TIME!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Phrases That Can Sink Your Resume

10 Phrases That Can Sink Your Resume

Here are ten of the deadliest resume phrases in use ("massive overuse" would be more accurate) and replacements for each one. You'll rewrite the replacement phrases to reflect your own accomplishments--and that's the key! We can't expect a timeworn piece of resume boilerplate to stand in for our own pithy, personal examples.

1. Kill this: Results-oriented professional

Replace with your own version of this: I love to solve thorny supply-chain problems

2. Kill this: Excellent team player

Replace with your own version of this: At Acme Dynamite, I partnered with Engineering to cut our product cost in half

3. Kill this: Bottom-line orientation

Replace with your own version of this: My accounting-process overhaul saved the company $10M in its first year

4. Kill this: Superior communication skills

Replace with your own version of this: I led a two-day offsite that yielded our 2010 product lineup and a $40K cost savings

5. Kill this: Possess organizational skills

Replace with your own version of this: Reduced customer-complaint resolution time from three weeks to one by revamping the process

6. Kill this: Savvy business professional

Replace with your own version of this: I'm a PR manager who's gotten his employers covered by Yahoo! and Time magazine

7. Kill this:
Strong work ethic

Replace with your own version of this: I taught myself HTML over a weekend in order to grab a marketing opportunity

8. Kill this: Meets or exceeds expectations

Replace with your own version of this: Invited to join our executive staff at a strategy summit during my first year at the company

9. Kill this:
Strong presentation skills

Replace with your own version of this: Was recruited to join Acme Dynamite after my boss heard me speak at a conference

10. Kill this: Seeking a challenging opportunity

Replace with your own version of this: I'm looking for a midsize manufacturer primed to grow its business in the Pacific Rim

Get the boilerplate lead out of your resume today, and replace it with concrete, visual stories that bring your power to life. Watch employers respond! You can't afford to send out another lifeless, sounds-like-everyone-else resume. Employers want the real you on the page. Try it!

To get tips on how to create an excellent resume just go to now.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Salary

This is an article from yahoo today. It's a good read. Enjoy.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Salary

by Mary Fineday,

Work smarter, not harder. Take simple steps that will help you supersize your paycheck, get more respect at work, and develop a career that truly suits you.

From career training to communication tips, check out our list of ways to boost your paycheck.

Specialize. Are you feeling like you're spread too thin over too many tasks? Become an expert at a few major responsibilities in order to make yourself indispensable in the office. A brief online course can help. For example, if your boss relies on PowerPoint presentations, learn more about the software package and help with the weekly presentation duties.

Diversify. On the flip side, a narrow range of skills could work against you in an office where only a few people perform the majority of the tasks. Think about where you can diversify your skills to offer more value to the team. For example, your front-office clerical skills could be combined with medical assistant training to help prepare you to work in a small doctor's office. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a median yearly wage of $28,300 for medical assistants, with the top 25 percent earning $33,050.

Train yourself. Think about where you want your career to be in five or ten years. If people at work are always asking you for help with their computers, why not make it official? An associate's degree in ITcan help move you into an official role as your company's computer-support specialist. Your employer should be pleased to find that you took the initiative to educate yourself. Computer-support specialists earn a median annual wage of $43,450, while the top 25 percent earn $55,990.

Train others. Prove your value in the workplace by offering to lead training sessions for new hires. Expressing the desire to train others proves your interest in the company, as well as your willingness to take a leadership position and a position of responsibility. Business classes in human resource management and communications can give you the knowledge you need to help new hires begin their careers at your company.

Manage. Interested in climbing up the corporate ladder? Do your part to make your way into a management position. If you have little or no previous management experience, a degree in business administration such as an MBA can help give you the management tools you need to operate confidently at a management level. Then you can combine your work experience with education and rise above your competition. According to the BLS, workers with a master's degree earn an average of almost $200 a week more than those with a bachelor's degree only.

Get certified. Computer certification in technologies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Linux have value in jobs ranging from help-desk support to high-level project management. Combined with your degree incomputer science, finance, or a related field, the certification process gives you a chance to prove your knowledge, keep your technical skills current, and show off your commitment to your job. Network and computer-systems administrators are expected to remain current on new technologies. They earned a yearly median wage of $66,310 in 2008, with the top 25 percent earning $84,110.

Ask. Perhaps the easiest salary-boosting tactic is also one of the most overlooked: asking for what you want. Otherwise, your boss may not know that you're thinking of advancing your career. Set up a meeting and ask what you can do to earn more. Present some ideas and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as an employee. From there, you should have a clearer picture of how to improve; what's more, your boss will realize you want to.

Move on. Sometimes, a simple salary boost can't be found. If you find yourself stuck in a go-nowhere job, think about using education and training to make the move to a position that is more in line with your ambition and ability.

Of course, none of the tips above can guarantee a higher salary. However, it's a good idea to take some time out of every year to consider where you stand on the office payroll. With a move as simple as a little career training, you can boost your paycheck and earn what you deserve.

Mary Fineday is a freelance writer in Austin, Texas.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The week that was...

Just got back from a trip up North. We were at UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak to do the Real 5 Tips Seminar there. We had a great time. All the participants were great. One thing that I can remember about Seri Iskandar is that it is really hot over there. You can really feel the heat!

The next day we set off to Lumut and enjoyed some R&R at Teluk Batik. It was refreshing. Than we went off to Kuala Kangsar. I was surprised to see so many Old Boys. When I passed Koleq than I realised that it was Old Boys weekend. Had a great lunch at Helmi's tempoyak at the tebing. Mmmm... the tempoyak is the best!

After that it was all the way back to KL. All in all it was a great trip.