Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stop Making Excuses for Who and Where You Are

Got this great article from Jim Rohn. Awesome read.

Stop Making Excuses for Who and Where You Are

Because a lot of small choices can make a big difference.
September 9, 2016
What you do matters.
Everything. The big stuff. The little stuff. Even the annoying stuff.
It matters that you waste time. It matters that you blame others for your failures. It matters that you are lazy at times.
It matters because achieving your goals matters. And eliminating excuses is the pathway that takes you there. It’s the same path that every great achiever has followed.
  • Sigmund Freud was booed off the stage the first time he presented his theories to a group of scientists in Europe. He went on to win the Goethe Award for his work in psychology.
  • Winston Churchill failed sixth grade and lost every public election he ran for until he was elected Prime Minister of England at the age of 62.
  • Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 years old, couldn’t read basic words until he was 7 and was expelled from school. He eventually revolutionized physics with his Theory of Relativity.
  • Henry Ford failed at farming, at being an apprentice and as a machinist, and went bankrupt five times. He modernized mass production.
  • Stan Smith was rejected as a ball boy for a Davis Cup tennis match because he was “too clumsy.” He won eight Davis Cup championships and is considered one of the greatest doubles tennis players of all time.
  • Charles Schultz had every cartoon rejected that he submitted to his high school yearbook. He was rejected by Walt Disney. He went on to create the most popular cartoon series ever: Peanuts.
  • Van Gogh only sold one painting his entire life—to a friend’s sister for about $50. He painted over 800 masterpieces, seven of which are cumulatively worth almost $1 billion.
  • Leo Tolstoy flunked out of law school and was labeled “unable to learn” by his professors. He went on to become one of the world’s greatest novelists (think War and Peace).
  • John Creasey failed as a salesman, a desk clerk, a factory worker and an aspiring writer, getting 754 rejection notices from publishers. He wrote more than 600 novels and is considered one of the greatest mystery writers ever.
  • Hank Aaron failed tryouts with the Brooklyn Dodgers and went 0-5 in his first game in the majors. He went on to set the MLB record for homeruns and held that record for 33 years.
Living excuse free is about taking responsibility for every aspect of your life. It’s about creating a future you’re proud of.
So what if it hasn’t been done before?
Be the first.
So what if you don’t have a college degree?
Be curious. Learn more.
So what if no one believes in you?
You don’t need approval to be successful.
So what if it gets hard?
All big things require pain and loss.
So what if you keep trying and never get it right?
Audacity is always the right move.
So what if people aren’t following you?
They will follow once you do something amazing.
So what if you get hurt?
That’s the price of boldness.
So what if you’re under-appreciated?
Ego would only make you complacent.
So what if everything you thought was right turns out to be wrong?
Make up new rules.
So what if the experts disagree with you?
The experts might be wrong.
So what if you give more than you get?
You might just be happier.
So what? So what? So what? The rest of the what-ifs are just excuses.
You have to look within yourself and challenge the demons that hold you back from being successful. You’ll never rise to be a champion until you can look past the fear and the failure and the excuses holding you back.
That starts with believing that you can be amazing regardless of who or where you are in life right now.
Carl “Sugarfoot” Joseph was born in Madison, Florida, east of the state capital. The fourth of 10 children, he was raised by a single mom. They were a poor family living in the country without any real access to recreation or sports facilities.
That’s probably why Joseph worked so hard to become a star athlete. Growing up, he played basketball and street football. He fought with the older boys and it taught him to be tough. He would get thrown violently to the ground but spring back up and launch himself back into the action.
In seventh grade, he made the basketball team. Standing under the rim, he would jump straight up and dunk the basketball. That was just the beginning.
In high school, he played basketball and football and ran track, setting records in almost every sport. At one track event, he high jumped 5-foot-8-inches then turned around and threw the shot put 40 feet and the discus 130 feet. And in one football game against much bigger, double-teaming opponents, Joseph exploded with 11 tackles, an interception and a blocked punt.
The young superstar didn’t let down one bit as he made the transition to college. He played middle linebacker at Bethune-Cookman University, where five of his teammates went on to play in the NFL. The Wildcats won their conference championship, and a lot of it had to do with the inspiration that came directly from Joseph. You see, he was born without a left leg.
Every competition Joseph participated in was a lopsided event: Everyone else running, turning and jumping on two feet while he did it all on one. No prosthesis. No crutch.
Just heart.
When asked what his limitations were, Joseph said, “I don’t have any.”
So... what was your excuse again?
Eliminating excuses is important because your future is important.
If you only get the future that you work for, then what you work on is pretty important, right? You probably don’t want to screw that up.
If there is a list of things to not flub, “your future” has to be high on the list.
Your decisions lead to your destiny.
 Do you believe that? You should. It’s true.
Sooner or later, what you do—and who you really are—determines what you ultimately achieve.
But what does that really mean?
Let’s get practical about it. Let’s talk about how much sleep you really need and how a decision like that impacts your results.
Getting up earlier means you have more time to conquer the world. Simply getting up one hour earlier a day for 50 years equates to an extra 2,281 business days—or 6 1/4 years—of conquest.
You win more when you fight more.
Your daily decisions—or the excuses you make—add up over time.
It’s easy to say that working hard is important. We all know that, right? But just because you say the words doesn’t mean you’re doing the “doing” part.
Your future is about the decisions you make—not the ideas you have.
It’s causal rather than casual. You actually have a say in what you achieve.
We all want that extra 6 1/4 years of conquest. But when we have a zillion minute-by-minute considerations just to decide whether to stay in bed or get up and conquer, most of us choose comfort. It seems small at the time—after all, it’s just an hour. But the results are life-changing. Literally.
The decisions that you make hundreds of times a day build your future. They all count. So how can you change your future today?
Start by believing that you matter. That what you do matters. That what you do right nowchanges the possibilities for your future.
It’s a mindset. An edgy mindset.
It means that you:
  • Choose to be positive when things are scary.
  • Fight to win even when you just got the wind knocked out of you.
  • Are honest even if it means you’ll be embarrassed.
  • Take the time to learn new skills, new talents and new ideas when it’s easier to just be you.
  • Invest in personal inspiration instead of letting anxiety drive your decisions.
The importance of eliminating excuses is in understanding the outcome of individual decisions.
Being positive 20 times a day for 15 years is 109,500 opportunities to create a happier future.
Winning one more time per year could mean 30 amazing, mind blowing successes over a lifetime.
Telling the truth just one more time each day gives you 365 more reasons a year to trust yourself.
Reading one new book per week for 22 years equates to 1,144 new ideas from the smartest minds in the world.
Creating five new meaningful (in-person) relationships per month over 35 years is 2,100 new people you can count on when you really need help.
A lot of small choices make a big difference.
What if you had 109,500 happier moments, 30 more successes, 365 more ways to trust yourself, 1,144 new ideas and 2,100 new friends?
Could you conquer more? Could you do some outrageous things?
Possibly. Probably. You can bet on it. So stop making excuses.

Excerpted with permission from EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success by Dan Waldschmidt

Thursday, October 20, 2016

BUkan Semua Lemak Tidak Baik Untuk Kita!!!

Salah satu cara kempiskan perut buncit yang terbaik adalah dengan memahami bahawa bukan semua lemak tidak baik untuk kita.

Lemak dalam makanan ada lemak baik (Omega 3) & lemak tak baik atau mudah panggil lemak jahat (Omega 6). Kedua-dua lemak ada fungsi & penting untuk kesihatan badan kita.

Cuma masalah kita terlalu banyak makan lemak jahat. Ini adalah di antara punca mengapa perut buncit!

Untuk mengatasi masalah ini salah satu cara adalah dengan mengurangkan pemakanan lemak tak baik dan meningkatkan pengambilan lemak baik seperti Omega 3 Fish Oil kita!!!

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Our Belum Eco Resort Star Rating!

Today, someone asked what is our resort's star rating?

This is our reply...

Our small resort was set up as a basic eco lodge concept, thus we didn't apply for star rating. However we got 4.5 star rating from Trip Advisor, we also got excellent award from Trip Advisor and the highly recommended resort from Lonely Planet Europe!

Alhamdulillah, we also got the Perak state tourism award for BEST Eco Tourism Enhancement Award 2007!!!

InsyaAllah on 23 October there will be a feature on our resort on TV8 at 8:30pm!!!

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Tahukah ANDA, obesiti meningkatkan risiko 7 perkara kepada kita & keluarga kita?

Tahukah ANDA, obesiti meningkatkan risiko 7 perkara kepada kita & keluarga kita?

1. Strok
2. Diabetes atau Kencing Manis
3. Vena Varikos - Urat Berpintal
4. Serangan Jantung
5. Arthritis - Sakit Sendi
6. Tekanan Darah Tinggi &
7. Kematian Pra-Matang

Hari ini obesiti tidak mengira umur. Semakin ramai kanak-kanak kini sudah ada masalah obesiti malah ianya bukannya masalah negara tetapi masalah global!!!
Jom lakukan hijrah kesihatan. Mulakan dari puncanya. Belajar tentang pemakanan sihat & amalkan gaya hidup sihat. Mencegah lebih baik dari merawat.
Buat imbasan badan untuk tahu samada % lemak kita sihat atau tidak. Ini sangat penting kerana berbadan besar tidak semestinya tidak sihat manakala orang yang berbadan kurus tidak semestinya sihat.
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Saya Dah Kurang Makan Tapi Berat Masih tak Turun!!!

Saya Dah Kurang Makan Tapi Berat Masih tak Turun!!!

Pernah tak jadi macam ni? Keadaan ini selalu berlaku bagi mereka yang nak kurus atau nak turunkan berat badan.

Ada yang share, kami tak makan nasi. Dah stop habis tapi bila ditanya habis tu makan apa? Dia jawab makan mihun goreng atau pasta.

Masalah utama untuk turunkan berat badan bukanlah dengan mengurangkan makan semata-mata tetapi KURANGKAN KALORI yang masuk ke dalam badan kita.

Itulah sebabnya kita perlu tahu MAGIC NUMBER kita iaitu had kalori yang diperlukan badan kita untuk mencapai matlamat kita sama untuk KEKALKAN BERAT, NAIK BERAT, TURUN BERAT & untuk KEMPISKAN PERUT BUNCIT!!!

Mengapa perlu tahu MAGIC NUMBER ANDA?

Pertama, setiap orang berbeza dan kemampuan badan ANDA berbeza-beza. Itu sebab kita tengok ada setengah orang makan lagi banyak dari kita tapi badan tak naik-naik. Ada orang lain pula, makan sikit sahaja sudah naik. Itu sebab kita perlu tahu kemampuan badan kita agar kita dapat pantau dan jaga demi kesihatan dan berat badan yang ideal.

Bagaimana nak tahu MAGIC NUMBER kita? 

Salah satu cara mudah adalah dengan menggunakan Tanita Scanner untuk dapatkan bacaan Base Metabolic Rate atau BMR anda. Dengan bacaan BMR ini kita boleh kira keperluan kalori harian ANDA dan kita boleh buatkan program yang sesuai dengan matlamat ANDA. Yang terbaik adalah dengan mendapatkan bantuan seorang coach.

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Tips Untuk Memilih Dodol Melaka Terbaik!

Tips Untuk Memilih Dodol Melaka Terbaik!
Kalau nak beli dodol ada 3 perkara yang harus diambil kira untuk pastikan dodol melaka terbaik yang kita akan beli:
1. Pastikan dodol yang dibeli lembut dan tidak keras. Ini menunjukkan dodol tersebut masih lagi segar.
2. Rasa dodol tersebut mesti lemak. Ini bermakna santan yang digunakan adalah santan asli dan adunannya terbaik. InsyaAllah puas makan.
3. Pastikan dodol tersebut berbau wangi - bau dodol!!! Pernahkan anda menghidu bau Dodol Melaka Terbaik? Bau sahaja dah buat air lir meleleh :)
Semoga 3 Tips di atas membantu ANDA untuk mendapatkan dodol yang terbaik.

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Tahu kemampuan badan untuk membakar kalori. Ini boleh dilakukan dengan mengetahui bacaan BMR anda yang boleh diperolehi dengan menggunakan alat Tanita Scanner.
Bacaan BMR adalah sangat penting kerana semua orang berbeza. Dari sini kita boleh mengetahui kemampuan badan kita untuk membakar. Ini membolehkan kita membuat MEAL PLAN yang sesuai dengan matlamat kita samada untuk naikkan berat badan, kekalkan berat badan atau turunkan berat badan dan kempiskan perut buncit!
Ingat semua yang kita makan & minum ada kalori! Kalori hanya boleh dibakar melalui aktiviti dan pergerakan badan.

Pastikan ANDA tahu Magic Number ANDA hari ini. Apabila ANDA tahu Magic Number, sangat mudah untuk capai matlamat ANDA.
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InsyaAllah Tahun ini Tahun ke 7 Kami Sekeluarga Berpuasa dengan Herbalife!

Nak share ttg Herbalife dan puasa.
Alhamdulillah, kami sudah berpuasa Ramadhan dgn Herbalife selama 6 tahun kali ni tahun ke 7 kami berpuasa Ramadhan dgn Herbalife. Anak-anak kami juga mengambil nutrisi Herbalife untuk sahur & berbuka puasa atau untuk moreh.
Banyak kelebihan berpuasa dengan nutrisi seimbang Herbalife.
Yg obvious adalah bertenaga sepanjang hari hingga ke petang.
Kurang merasa lapar.
Tak perlu masak utk bersahur. Bersahur atas katil pun boleh 😄
Lebih bertenaga bila sembahyang Terawikh (berbuka dengan shake)
Turun berat badan dengan lebih berkesan)
*1. Indeks Glisemik yang rendah*
GI atau Glycemic index adalah unit ukuran untuk betapa cepat gula dalam darah meningkat apabila kita makan sesuatu makanan. Semakin rendah GI sesuatu makanan, semakin lambat dan stabil ia membebaskan glucose yang akan membawa kepada bacaan gula dalam darah yang lebih stabil. Semakin rendah – semakin elok. Shake Herbalife memang sangat rendah GI nya!
*2. Makanan yang bersifat alkali*
13-14 jam kita berpuasa, kondisi perut adalah sangat berasid. Formula 1 Herbalife terdiri daripada bahan-bahan yang berunsur alkali iaitu dari buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran. Jadikan shake Herbalife sebagai hidangan berbuka mahupun bersahur adalah sangat tepat untuk kembalikan perut kepada keadaan neutral. Makan makanan bergoreng – yang bersifat acid hanya akan membawa kepada perut lebih sakit. Yang ada gastrik mungkin terus akan rasa
*3. Autolisis yang sangat pantas*
Kebiasaanya autolisis (proses regenerate cell secara sendiri) mengambil masa selama 90 hari. Berbeza pada bulan puasa ni, ia hanya mengambil masa hanya 30 hari!
10 hari pertama 10%
10 hari kedua 66%
10 hari ketiga 100%
Tapi berhati-hati, proses autolisis yang elok mestilah disesuaikan dengan pengambilan nutrisi yang mencukupi. Kalau korang duk sumbat benda tak elok dalam perut, cell yang baru dalam badan pun jadi benda yang tak elok je. Sebab tu, shake Herbalife sekali lagi menjadi pilihan tepat, menjadikan proses autolisis dalam badan berada dalam keadaan optimum kerana satu hidangan shake mengandungi lebih 55 nutrisi!

Nak ikut prog berpuasa bersama nutrisi seimbang Herbalife
Komen "Saya Nak*
PS - Untuk info lanjut boleh ke laman Kelab Nutrisi kami di

Monday, May 23, 2016

Healthy Breakfast Survey 2016

Conducting an online survey on Healthy Breakfast. If you are reading this, please spare some of your precious time to do it. It will only take 2 minutes. Really appreciate the feedback. Tqtqtq

Here is the link -

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Assalamualaikum and good morning guys.
What do you feed your cells this morning?

Most people do not get enough nutrition. The food we eat have been depleted of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and are often laced with toxin.
Our CELLULAR NUTRITION program provides everything our body needs to maintain good health and vitality.
Because of our bad eating habit, pollution, alcohol use, smoking, exposure to toxin and stress, our body cannot properly absorb the nutrients we consume, and hence, CELLULAR NUTRITION not only give us nutrition but is also design ed to help our bodies absorb the nutrition , which it does in 3 ways:

1. CLEANSING- Each one of our trillions of cells goes through a process called metabolism, converting oxygen, nutrients and other substances into energy or into building blocks of new cells.
Part of this continual process is called detoxification or cleansing - the removal of harmful toxin from the body. These toxin is allowed to build up, can cause many of the allergies and ailments from which people suffers.
CELLULAR NUTRITION helps this cleansing process through a special formula of health-giving herbs and fibers.

2. ABSORPTION. - In our intestines there is a small finger-like projections called villi. This is part of our body's absorption system. Because of bad eating habit, stress and toxins, the villi can become impaired - breaking off or clogging up with glu-like toxic substances.
- Even if we eat the right foods, if our villi is not functioning properly the will not be able to absorb and use the nutrition.
- CELLULAR NUTRITION is especially formulated to cleanse and maximise our absorption system.

3. CELLULAR REGENERATION- The next stage of CELLULAR NUTRITION is to help the cells of our body to regenerate - healthy cells making copy of themselves.
- the body do this naturally it receive the right building blocks: protein, amino acids, vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acids and trace elements.
- This is the core of cellular nutrition program. Top quality nutrition in an absorbable format, the body's own healing mechanism can work fully and the result is a greater feeling of health, energy and vitality.
That's what make HERBALIFE unique and the No.1 brand in the world in meal replacement and protein supplement combined.

You have to try it yourself! Contact us for more info.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

21 Day Shake Challenge - 1st until 21st May 2016

Looking for 5 more people to join our 21 Day Shake Challenge!

It's a great campaign to encourage people to take healthy breakfast for 21 days. This will be our 5th edition for 2016. Really excited and looking forward to it. Let's go!