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Discover 10 Easy Tips to Deflate Your Bulging Belly

At the age of 33 I was overweight and I had a bulging belly. I had a bad lifestyle and I loved to eat. I did not exercise regularly and I was not taking care of what I ate or drank. One morning around 3am, I suffered a mild heart attack. I woke up sweating with chest pains. I was rushed to the hospital. Lying on the bed all I could think was my wife and 3 children. I knew I had to change.

I made a decision to take better care of myself. Thank god I had the guidance of a personal wellness coach who put me on a program that helped me to better understand how to take better care of myself. I managed to lose up 8 kgs and the best part I managed to deflate my bulging belly as well. Now I feel healthier and the best part is that I can share my experience and knowledge to help others. I realized that there are 10 easy tips that people can apply and do to deflate a bulging belly. To make it easy and accessible to everybody, we have put the 10 tips into a simple to read eBook.
Here are some of the tips to help you get started.

Tip#1 - YOU must know how much calories your body can burn!

This is very important. I did not know anything about the importance of knowing how much calories your body can burn that would determine if you are going to lose, gain or maintain your weight. I also discovered that everybody has a different metabolic rate.
In order to lose weight or to deflate a bulging belly we must know our body's ability. This can be done by finding out about our Base Metabolic Rate or BMR. It is the reading that shows how much our body can burn in a day at rest. From there we can calculate how much calories our body can handle to lose, gain or maintain our weight and heath. This will be called our magic number. We can get our BMR measured using a Tanita Scanner.
Now that we know our Magic Number we can monitor our daily calorie intake to help us achieve our health goals. We must know how much calories are we eating or drinking. Make a point to calculate.

Tip#2 - Drink a lot of Plain Water

Before my heart attack I could not stand drinking plain water. I never knew our body is almost 75% water and that all the organs in our body needed water.
If we are over weight,than we need to drink a lot of plain water. The simple rule is that for every 25kg of our body weight we need 1 litres of plain water. So if your weight is 75kgs, you will need to drink 3 litres of water at the minimum. If you want to lose weight, you need to double your drinking of plain water.

If you are not used to drinking plain water, start today and educate your children.

If you would like to get the rest of the 10 tips, please check out our eBook entitled 10 Easy Tips to Deflate Your Bulging Belly.

You can get access to all the 10 tips in our simple and practical tips that you can apply immediately with your family.

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What are your goals for 2018?

What are your goals for 2018?
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Tips Cara Kempiskan Perut Buncit
Amalkan pengambilan air kosong yang cukup setiap hari.
Salah satu cara untuk kempiskan perut buncit adalah amalkan pengambilan air kosong yang secukupnya setiap hari. Pastikan anda tahu keperluan air harian anda. Lazimnya keperluan air adalah berdasarkan berat badan anda. Setiap 25kg berat anda perlukan 1 liter air.
Contohnya kalau berat anda 50 kg anda perlukan 2 liter air setiap hari.
Cuba mulakan hari ini.

1. Tetapkan matlamat anda - setiap hari berapa liter nak minum.
Contohnya 2 liter air kosong.
2. Beli atau sediakan bekas khusus untuk anda. Jangan kongsi supaya anda boleh sukat. Cukup atau tidak. Ramai yang gagal sebab tidak ada bekas khusus untuk air sendiri. Belilah satu sebagai pelaburan untuk kesihatan anda.
3. Jadualkan waktu minum anda. Bagi yang beragama Islam kami cadangjkan guna waktu solat seperti berikut:
Subuh ke Zohor - 0.5 liter
Zohor ke Asar - 0.5 liter
Asar ke Maghrib - 0.5 liter
Maghrib ke Isyak atau sebelum tidur - 0.5 liter
InsyaAllah cukup 2 liter setiap hari.
Cuba amalkan untuk 21 hari dan jadikan ianya satu habit baru dalam kehidupan harian ANDA, InsyaAllah anda boleh saksikan perubahan di perut anda 
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