Thursday, May 22, 2014

4 D's to Effective Speaking

Reading Brian Tracy's Speak To Win, Malay Edition.

Wow! A lot of great information to share. Let's start with the 4 D' to speak excellently!

1. DESIRE - you must have the desire. At the end of the day success is all about desire. How much you want it and what are you willing to do to achieve it. I remember Game 5 of the NBA finals back in 97 with the Bulls facing off Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan was sick with the flu and yet he he still managed to play the whole game made the game winning steal and scored 38 points. At the end when people interviewed him, his answer was it is all about desire and that he wanted it really bad. So how bad do you want success?

2. DECISION - we need to make decisions everyday so that what we decide to do will bring us closer to success and our goals. Most of the time we make the wrong decisions and we get side tracked. Take it on a daily basis. How's your decision so far today?

3. DISCIPLINE - this is the biggest challenge for everyone of us. To stay disciplined, to stay focused. One of the best ways to do this is to create success habits. Habits are formed after doing things consistently for 21 days. You can start by making a 90 days plan and work on the plan on a daily basis. Keep on doing it for 90 days. Changes will happen! The first 30 days, you will notice it. After 60 days, your family and friends will notice it. After 90 days, the world will know! Stay disciplined! You can do it.

4. DETERMINATION - you need to have strong determination. Remember successful people finish what they start. It's going to be hard and tough especially if you have never spoken in public but trust us the rewards will be amazing. You will have more confidence and you will attract success. InsyaAllah.

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