Monday, October 6, 2014

JT Foxx - Continuously Reinvent Yourself!

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya Korban with our family this weekend. We had a great time catching up with our family.

Before that we had the opportunity to meet JT Foxx in person at the Sheraton Imperial in KL as he was in town conducting a 2 day work shop. We thought that we should check it out. We could only make it for one day as the next day was AidilAdha.

So, I'm just going to share some of the stuff that I put down. We had a lot of notes from the session which we feel was very informative and exciting. But then that's what you need to be to become successful.

A little bit about JT Foxx, he's 33 this year. Became a millionaire at 24 through properties. Founder of Mega Partners. He is brilliant in leveraging his brand. he has a thing about his ties. He is Canadian and amazingly he used to be a stutter. He has been proclaimed as the next billionaire!!! The other things is that he is tall!

So here are some of the stuff that I got.

Actually I had a whole bunch of notes but seems to be misplaced. Need to work on that.

His session is basically how to improve your business.

Firstly understand that today it is a BENEFIT driven market place. People are looking for the BENEFIT. So you need to ask how can your business BENEFIT your customer.

Than you need to provide WOW service to them. How? This is be making sure that the little things are done.

CEO stands for Chief EXPERIENCE Officer. What kind of EXPERIENCE are you selling?

Your BRAND and REPUTATION is everything. Who are you & why should people care. You need to control your REPUTATION. Control it or die!

Sign up your name dot com to protect your brand and your name. Upload and share great testimonials about yourself.

In business you need to know your numbers. How many do you need to make it work.

Be aware of where the money will come for strategic growth. What are your profit centers.

Are you getting attention? It's better that other people is selling you. What kind of exposure do you have? Are you chasing the business or are they chasing you? YOU need to be going after both the rabbits and elephants!

The key to success is to continuously reinvent yourself! Ask your self 2 questions.

#1 - How can I be the BEST?
#2 - How can we make this BETTER?

Remember that YOU are a marketer first. Everyday is about marketing yourself to the world!

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