Friday, January 20, 2012

Master Of Invitation - MOI

One of the lessons that I learned in business is to be the master of invitation. This is a skill that once you acquire can lead you to great success no matter what business that you are in.

The ability to inspire and to gather people to attend your program or functions is a must have skill for everybody who aspires to become successful in business.

I learned this valuable lesson when we first got involved in Direct Selling about 10 years ago. Man how time flies. One of the key ingredients to building a successful network marketing or direct sales business is the number of people in your organization that you can attract to come to an event or a function. The bigger crowd that you have the bigger business you would eventually have. This is because when you get people to the functions, things will happen to them specifically emotional triggers that will spur people to make a decision and eventually take action.

The trick is to Master the art of invitation. One of the key elements that you must have is PASSION. You must be passionate and confident and every time you promote it must come from the heart. Share from your heart and the head will follow.

The same goes for any business. You want to do a preview or you want people to look at your products or services you need to be a Master of Invitation. So what is they best way to become a Master? Simple, just practice, practice & practice. In other words, just do it until you find a way that works for you.

Today, you can leverage on the various technology that is available. The Internet, your mobile phones and tablet PCs are all wonderful tools that can help and enhance your methods to invite people. In short, use everything! Become the Master!

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