Monday, December 12, 2011

Lessons From Mexico

Last night we had the wonderful opportunity to listen from an amazing couple from Mexico. Since they could not converse in English we had translators. It was truly an international event and of world class standard.

The couple, Enrique & Graciela are just normal ordinary people like you and me but with a dream to have a better life. Today they are a member of the Herbalife Founders Circle Team. They said that they started out looking for an opportunity but today in Mexico, people are looking for them!

They truly embrace the vision of Herbalife's founder Mark Hughes which is to bring good nutrition to everybody in the world. Not only are they successful but their 2 children are also Pressident's Team members!

It's really inspiring how they started their journey. 21 years ago, Enrique was bankrupt and was very sick as he could only work 5 hours a day hence he could not earn that much. Luckily Graciela was working and had a good job to help support the family.

Enrique saw an advert from an American company and went to see the opportunity. At first he saw the products for himself . He started of at 100kg ad has lost 25kg and has kept his weight for the past 21 years! Awesome!!! But after listening to all the testimonials he realized that the Herbalife products was also good for his mother, his wife and also his children who were not getting the right nutrition.

First and foremost Enrique was looking for an opportunity to make money. He loved the Herbalife opportunity because:
1. You can have as many customers as you want. There is no limit!
2. You can take as much time as you need to build your business. There is no time frame.

In Mexico, financially it is very tough. Some countries might have a financial problem for a year or two but for Mexico it is a financial problem every single year.

The most important lesson that I learned fro this couple is that we need to teach our people to SERVE and not to SELL. It's a system. You will need to develop and grow yourself. Become more sociable and kinder with people.

Today, they have more than 10,000 distributors in their group. How did they create their team? The majority of their team were people who were looking for ways to overcome difficulties in their lives such as not having a job, divorced and also people who had children problems.

They developed the best team in Mexico, followed by the best team in Latin America and today they are the #1 Herbalife distributor from a total of 2 million distributors worldwide! Wow! What an achievement!

The best thing about what they shared is that they started at the age of 42. From their travels around the world they have seen very young people who start the business at aged 20. There are also other countries where people start at 70 ad by 80 years old they are President's Team members. It doesn't matter when you start as long as you start and complete the journey.

As they say, you don't have to be great to start! But make sure you finish what you start as a habit of successful people finish what they start.

I was truly inspired and I hope that my sharing has inspired you as well.

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