Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lessons Learned From My Late Grandfather

Recently, my mum asked me to prepare a speech for her to deliver at the Speech Day for one of the secondary schools in KK. I was thinking and I thought that the best thing to share was the lessons that I learned from my late grandfather Dato' Ibrahim Abdullah, my 'Tok'.

During my childhood, I often stay with Tok and he always had advises and stories to share with me on life and how to be successful. To me Tok was an incredible person. Coming from a poor family background, he worked hard and to me he was a success. He went to IPSI (today known as UPSI), became a teacher than a headmaster and he was eventually made a senator for 2 terms. At 40 years of age he already had 40 acres of land and he managed to give all his children a house each. His house alone was a 3 storrey bungalow with it's own swimming pool and badminton court. What a kampung to go back to every school holiday.

Anyways, one of the lesson that he taught me was the 5 Simple Steps To Success!

1. DECIDE ~ Buat keputusan untuk berjaya! You must decide that you want to succeed. Tok had this saying, Jika kita hendak berjaya kita akan berjaya which meant that if you want to succeed, you will succeed. Success comes to those who wish for it and to those who decide to be successful. The problem is that most of us never decide to be successful. Once you decide, the rest is easy.

2. GOALS ~ Tetapkan matlamat! - Visualize & bayangkan diri anda di bangku universiti atau mesti ada 40 ekar tanah. Tok always had a vision and he knew what he wanted. We must have goals for everything that we do in life. It's not only in wealth but it must also be with God, our health and success. Set a goal that is SMART in nature. :) Make sure your goal is something that you can strive for. It must be something that you really want, it must motivate and inspire you. It must be your WHY!

3. PLAN ~Buat rancangan (plan) - If you don't plan than you plan to fail. Once you decide and you have your goals clear in your mind than you should formulate a plan to achieve it. Few people plan that's why only 20% of the world's population are successful and achieve their goals. Once you know your why the how to becomes irrelevant. No matter what you will find a way. The best way is to plan.
4. ACTION ~ Ambil tindakan - Kerja kuat! Bak kata tok tak mati pun kalau kerja kuat. Kalau letih, tidurlah. Now that we have plan we need to work the plan. There's no point if we have decide, have a clear goal and have a workable plan we need to make it work. The hardest part is being discipline to work the plan.

5. PRAY ~ Doa & tawakal kepada Allah
Once we have put in the first 4 steps now all we need to do is leave it to God. There's a saying that if God lead us to it, than God will help us to see through it. InsyaAllah you will have success!

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