Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lessons @ Chilli Peppers Kuching

Alhamdulillah, just got back from Kuching. Had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with our mentor, Cikgu Razak. As always Cikgu is the ultimate host. Upon picking me up at the airport we went to Chilli Peppers in Kuching for a bite to eat. There we met up with 2 of Cikgu's group. I had the privilege of learning two valuable lessons.

1. Regarding Herbalife, this gentleman said that the uniqueness about the Herbalife product is that it can help those who want to lose weight, gain weight and maintain weight. Everybody takes the same product which is the F1. Amazing! You can get more info at

2. Believe, the other gentleman shared with us the power of believe and the importance of thinking outside the box. He said that he had the ability to stop a moving bus with his finger. He said that he had the power to do it. What he meant was that with the finger you just need to press the bell and the bus will stop. Technically speaking, one can stop a bus with their finger!

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