Monday, May 2, 2011

Babies In Movie Theaters

Yesterday, I took the family to the movies. We watched THOR which I thought was quite a good movie. I have been a comic fan for the past 20 years and I was quite concerned how they were going to do it with Thor. I had my doubts but I think they did a great job! Can't wait to see Captain America followed by the Avengers next year.

Anyways, bringing the whole family is a bit of a challenge because we have our 3rd child who is still a baby. Our darling little boy, Danish who is now just 16 months. Every time we tell people we are bringing him to the movies, people are surprised. Actually we started taking him to the movies when he was just 6 months!

For those of you who have babies, you can still enjoy a great movie with your babies. Here are a few things that we do that I can share. It might help or it might not. :)

Here are 3 Tips on How to bring Babies In Movie Theaters.

1. You have to decide that you are bringing your baby with you. This is so that you have the proper mind set. Make sure everybody in the family who is going to see the movie is aware of this as well especially your partner..
2. When you purchase the tickets make sure you buy the aisle sit. That way you can exit anytime when you need to without disrupting other people. Make sure you put the stroller in front of the front row seats so that you can collect it at the end of the movie.
3. Try to tire your baby before the movies. Play and feed him/her. It would be easier if you could get your baby to sleep as soon as the movie starts. It works for us! If the baby cries, try to feed him/her but if you can't  stop the crying leave your seat and try to soothe him/her outside. Once she is calmed down or back to sleep just reenter the theater. I remember one time my son Aiman was so scared I had to carry him throughout the movie and I had to watch the movie standing. This was when he was already a toddler. But he is braver now.

The worst thing that could happen is that you loose out on a few dollars if you can't be in the theater anymore.  But the experience and the stories you can share with your family will last a life time.

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