Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Reasons/Ways that YOU can make money through eBay

4 Reasons /Ways that YOU can make money through eBay.

Today, the last day of the Global Internet Seminar 2011 we had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Chris Bowers from Boston. He shared with us how he profited from doing business online via eBay. He called it his eBay Profit System. He says there are 4 things that you need to know on how to make money through eBay. 

The following are the 4 items:
1.      1.  Create powerful titles
a.       55 characters to your title – describe the make,model & year
b.      Grammar not important
c.       Spelling very important
2.     2.   Easy to add photos
a.       Take 7-10 photos
b.      Avoid using flash – use natural light
c.       Use plain background – plain white or black
d.      Wear clothes when taking the photos
3.    3.   Getting positive feedback
a.       Just start selling
b.      Follow up – use email
c.       Just start buying on eBay
d.      Monitor scores
4.    4.   Easy shipping
a.       Buyer pays for the shipping
b.      Paypal guarantees your money
c.       Pickups come to your house – DHL or Fedex
d.      Large products – use UPS Freight Service Trade Show, they are the cheapest

One of the easiest ways to make money on eBay is trading online. There are a lot of money making products all around your life. You can find them at the following:
  1.  Wholesalers – build relationships with wholesalers
  2.   Drop Shippers –; charge annual fee but they do it for you
  3.  Storage Auctions – great deals
  4., Gumtree & Craiglist – online classifieds sites

Hope the above can give you some idea on how to make money using eBay.

PS - There are so many ways to do it. Here is another one which is called the Commission Crusher.

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