Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Discover Your Personality ~ Unleash Your Potential!

Hi, have you ever been in a situation like this before?
Say you are travelling with a group of friends and you are driving the car. Suddenly you came across a traffic jam. Your friends start commenting.
One friend would happily say, 'Great! Traffic jam! Thank God we decided to go together, at least we have more time to talk'.
A second friend would frown and looking at his watch and say, 'Oh man! Traffic jam at this hour! We are going to be late! Check on Waze if there is another way.'
A third friend would probably stick out his or her head and say, 'What's happening? Why is there a jam? Could it be an accident? Or could it be a road block?'
And the fourth friend would just smile and say, 'Guys, relax. It's just traffic. We'll get there soon enough.
The funny thing about this is that it is the same situation but we all responded differently. Why?
We are all different, we have different personalities. The way we think, behave and act is based on our personalities. The best part is that people have done researches and we now know that there are 4 different personality types.
This workshop is where we will discover and learn about the 4 personality types. More importantly YOU will get the opportunity to know your own personality type and the people around you. With this knowledge, we can learn to communicate and connect better with people.
At the end of the day, it is all about building a good relationship with the people around you.
Here is a preview of what will be covered at our workshop:

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