Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are you green?

Alhamdulillah today we are so blessed to be able to share with you once again our latest experience. This week we had the wonderful opportunity of attending a seminar on Green Technology.

It was a great experience as we learned a lot of new things. One of the things that we understood was the importance of being green. Being green does not mean that you are wearing a green shirt or blouse or cap or shoes for that matter. In fact it has nothing to with the colour green but it has everything to with your relationship with the environment.

Today almost everybody is talking about the environment. The number of people on the planet is increasing by the day and the resources that we have is depleting faster than we could replace or reproduce it. The world is changing with global warming on the rise, pollution and natural disasters happening all around the world.

Today we had the opportunity to listen to the Green Man, Mr Matthias Gelber from Germany. He is an International Environmental Speaker and was awarded the Greenest Person on the planet by 3rd Whale Canada in 2008! He shared with us a lot of opportunities in the Green Technology.

Basically, Green Technology is the biggest business opportunity available to everybody right now. In fact, based on the talk given by Green Technology Malaysia, it seems that the first question people will ask of your company is, “Is your company Green?” And by 2035, people will be asking you “Are you green?”

We have been involved in Green Technology for quite some time especially when we have our own Green Technology which is our Compostech. You can visit to get more details. Basically it is a technology that can recycle food waste into compost in just 24 hours!

Other than that we have always been very mindful and aware to do our part so that we can contribute towards making the environment better and ensuring that the earth is still liveable for our kids and later generations.

Today there are so many ways that we can contribute towards being green. It is not just technology but how we run our daily lives. We can start by saving more on the use of electricity and water. Drive less and walk more. Buy recycled and reusable products. Basically the thinking must be towards reuse, recycle and reduce. Every little thing that we do can make a difference!

For example, today we do not buy garbage bags anymore. We recycle all our plastic bags. We do not use air cons at home, we walk as much as we can to the shops. And whenever we can we make sure that every power supply is switched off. In terms of business, we will always find ways to design materials that can be reuse, recycle and reduce. In fact when you do this, by being green you can actually increase your profits!

All you have to do is start to think differently. Ask yourself this; is there another way that I can do this? Is there another way that I can reuse, recycle and reduce? When you start to ask the questions you will find the answers.

We have to make a change and we must do it now. So let’s do our part. Let’s help to save our planet. We need to have a great relationship with our planet and our environment. Let’s become green!

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