Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Only Way YOU Can Get What YOU Want Is By Becoming a Leader!

When we graduated, got married and started our jobs to us leadership is just another term and we figured it was just something for the select few. Leadership is only for people with power and position. This all changed when we got into business.

You see, as Muslims we were taught that we are put on this earth to become khalifas or leaders on this world. This morning we just read the following…

Firman Allah SWT yang bermaksud, ‘Bukankah Dia (Allah) yang memperkenankan (doa) orang yang dalam kesulitan apabila dia berdoa kepadaNYA dan menghilangkan kesusahan dan menjadiakan kamu (manusia) sebagai khalifah (pemimpin) di bumi? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan (yang lain)? Sedikit sekali (nikmat Allah) yang kamu ingat.’ ~ Al-Quran Surah Al-Naml Juz Kedua Puluh Ayat 62

We just took that on board and never really bothered to understand or explore the meaning of this responsibility bestowed upon us by God.

You see, in life you need to become a leader. A leader to you first and foremost which is the most difficult thing to do as it requires DISCIPLINE! Warren Benis in his book simply entitled, Leadership states that ‘The Only Way You Can Get What You Want In Life Is By Becoming A Leader!’.

We never really understood what it meant until we started building our business. Becoming a leader means that you are taking responsibility for yourself, for your life, for your future and for everything that is connected to you. In short you have got to make things happen!

We learned that leadership is a skill that anybody can develop and it is a process that develops daily. We are always amazed how so many people think that they can change who they are just simply by attending a seminar or workshop and not do anything. It is just crazy especially in today’s world.

Today we want to share with you the 5 Golden Rules of Leadership. These are the 5 things that you can do to develop your leadership skills. These are the 5 things that we do and continue to do. We can GUARANTEE that if you start to do them you too will be able to Upgrade Yourself to a NEW level.

The 5 things are:

1.   Attend functions! In short attend Majlis Ilmu
When we talk about attending functions it is not attending kenduris or majlis. Functions means seminars, trainings, workshops and etc. Why? The main reason for attending functions is to get EXPOSURE!!!
Remember this, EXPOSURE leads to EXPANSION of the mind! Most of us are not exposed. We keep to ourselves and we think that the world revolves around us. We feel that we know everything and with today’s technology it is even worse as we confine ourselves to the digital world.

You need to invest in yourself. Go out and attend all this talks and seminars. It could be a motivational talk, a business opportunity, an investment talk, a talk on money management and etc. The point is, you must attend and join these functions. Trust us you will learn something NEW! You will get NEW ideas and DISCOVER new friends and expand your relationship.

Attending functions will also get you excited about life and it will inspire and motivate you to move and go after your dreams!

2.   Read Books
You need to feed your mind with knowledge. My late grandfather always told me this, ‘Cultivate Your Mind and The Way Will Open for You.’

The best way to cultivate your mind is by reading. Reading is the shortcut to success. That is why in the Al Quran the first message or the first word that was taught to the Prophet SAW was Iqra’ meaning READ!

From reading you get to learn from other people’s experience. You will be empowered and it will help to accelerate your process.

One of the great books that we read was by Napoleon Hill entitled, Think and Grow Rich. This book has inspired millions of people around the world and it has been translated into so many languages. You should get a copy of it and read it today!

After all as Pat Mesiti says, ‘Leaders are Readers.’

3.   Listen to Positive & Motivational Materials
You are what you listen to. Remember earlier we share about how our thoughts were shaped from early influences. Hence the importance of controlling what we listen to and also what we watch.

What you listen you forget, what you watch you remember but what you do you will understand.

The point is that today there is just too much negativity around us. You listen to the radio, watch TV, surf the internet, read the newspapers there is just too much. As they say it in Italian, TROPPO!!!

We need to control what we feed our mind. Nothing stays in our mind rent free. We pay a price for every thought. Make sure that whatever you are thinking is something positive and empowering! You are the master of your own attitude.

4.   Get a Coach!
A lot more people will be more successful if they had a coach in life! That’s a fact. Everybody needs a mentor or a teacher in order to become a master.

How many movies have we seen where the hero is mentored and taught by a master. Once they have been coached it is only then they become heroes!

Today it is so easy to succeed as there is so much that is available for all of us. We sincerely believe that everybody can become successful, healthy and wealthy today because of all the opportunities. But you will need someone to guide you.

For example, right now we are building a team of people in our business to take our health and nutrition business to the next level. If you want to be part of it you can come and join us. We will be your coach! Just go to or contact us directly. We are so excited!

We have been coached and today we still being coached. It is great to have a mentor!

5.   Get Involve and Do A Project
The only way you can develop your leadership is by getting involved and becoming active. Nobody can develop leadership by doing nothing.

Remember leadership develops daily not in a day. The only way it develops is through activities. One of the best ways to develop leadership is to get involved in projects or programs that allow you to grow and become a leader.

For us the best program would be to start your own business whether it is part time or full time. It is up to you. Why business? This is because in business you will need to be a leader to succeed. A lot of people who go into business do not understand that building a business is actually all about building your leadership.

How big your business can grow is about how you grow yourself to become a leader. When you grow your business will grow.

It always amazes us to see people expecting to have a huge salary or a big business but there are not willing to develop themselves. You must understand that you need to upgrade yourself to the point where you can attract people to you, inspire people, motivate people and in short LEAD yourself and other people.

Hopefully what we shared with you today can help you to reach greater heights. Talk to you soon.

Until then, take care and have a good one. J

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  1. Hii dear coach! First of all thanks for your time and energy for sharing! I check your blog almost everyday:) It's very informative! Btw, I like the feature "Listen Now!" in your blog.
    Looking forward to see more post from you...