Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It!

Today we went to see Michael Jackson's This Is It.

Now I understand why he was the King of Pop! The hard work, the commitment and the dedication to perfection is for all to see. He personally sees all the details that waqs required for his concert.

Man, the world has been deprived of one heck of a concert! It would have been something different and out of the world experience for everybody. He really sets the standards for on stage performance. The ideas, the creativity is just a joy to watch. You could see how passionate he was about music, about the planet and his message of LOVE.

I personally feel that after watching 'This Is It', MJ is definately the ultimate passionpreneur. He is a classic example of someone using his passion to provide wonderful music and making fantastic income. In fact just from royalties, MJ was earning about USD84 million a year! It really pays to do what you LOVE.

From MJ's lead I can say that in order to become a successful passionpreneur you need to have the following 3 criteria;

1. A passion for something. In MJ's case, it was music and entertaining people. In his own words he said that the performance was for his fans. In fact he was so passionate, even during rehearsals he would sing his heart out even though he knew he had to conserve his energy. In short whatever you are passionate about, put your heart into what you love to do!

2. You must be committed. MJ was at every practice session. Every shoot. Every dance session. He was there. He did not rely on anybody else. I guess that is why he has managed to always make his concerts different & special.

3. Give close attention to detail. Observe the small, small things as they add up. MJ is very detail. He can detect the tone. He know when the lights should come up. When the music should stop, when to take it to the next level. Everything is important to him. We need to have that same attention to detail.

MJ you will truly be missed. You are truly a leader and you have left behind a great legacy.

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