Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lessons learned from my 2 year old son Danish

Today was just another Tuesday. I was preparing to head out to office when my son asked me to play with him for a while. He was practicing to use the pencil with his Kumon book. Then suddenly he saw pictures of paper planes in the book. Immediately he asked me to make one for him.

I happily took a piece of paper to make him a paper plane. To my surprised he refused and started to point towards my wife's laptop. He kept telling me to find it first. My wife then told me that he wanted me to use the internet and search how to make paper planes on the internet! Imagine that! A 2 year old wanting to search the internet on how to make paper planes.

I was amazed and in awe as this is my son, only 2 years of age asking me to search. Sure enough, we found a list of page on google. The best part was yet to come. He pointed to the page he wanted and guess what it was the one that says, 'How To Make The Best Paper Planes!'.

Wow! That experience today blew my mind. Kids today are so advance. We as parents have to equip ourselves and prepare our kids properly. The beautiful thing about it is that we will be discovering things together. It is a great experience. It is one of the best opportunity to build relationships. Today, now more than ever if we choose to use technology we can choose to use it to build a stronger relationship.

I made the paper plane as per the instruction. I was amazed as to how many different designs and different kind of paper planes that you can actually create from a piece of paper. Today I learned something from my 2 year old son. Thank you Allah for blessing us with all our children.

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