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Five Good Things for your Life!

Got this from a good friend. I thought that it is worth sharing...

This is translated directly from Chinese using a translator so it might be a bit off here and there.

Using the Food Law: Five things like good

Chance encounter, the lecturer to see a
 name Wu Baofen reported health talks, she won acclaim under full
house is a careful look to break the deep-rooted mistakes most people eating.

For a change before the non-, will organize some good notes!

Five good things like:

1. Bedtime drink soy milk, (soya bean milk before sleep)
Drink milk before going to bed: 100% high quality milk is rich in
amino acids, can produce enough growth hormone, and promote the body's
metabolism, the body of excess consumption of sugar and fat, so drink
milk before going to bed, have the effect of weight loss, which is the
"amino acid diet", also known as "lazy weight loss."

In addition, the soy isoflavone-rich (natural estrogen), can reduce
blood cholesterol, protect the heart, prevention of myocardial
infarction, so the chances of cardiovascular disease in women was only
boys? Lure sink to sit @, isoflavone and calcium can inhibit the body
the loss of quality, but also prevention of
 breast cancer and genetic-related cancer, so drink 250cc of milk
before going to bed, hot and cold light sweet free, allowing you to
have a good sleep, good physique.

But now the market is 80% of soybeans genetically modified,
genetically modified foods currently on the human body? Trip Kuang Wu
unknown string together to purchase non-GM soy, the proposed purchase
without preservatives Oh, before going to bed drink a drink than in
the morning greater efficiency.

2. Eat the fruit better than eating vegetables, (fruits are better
than vegetables)

Better than eating fruits and vegetables to eat: When a "womanizer"
it, to choose fragrant fruit, colorful, and contains a lot of resin,
eat for health. Than eating vegetables and fruit is good, resin
composition can be compression, such as to choose the mango mango,
grapes eat purple grapes, red seedless watermelon election watermelon,
honeydew choose green, melon flesh should be
 selected, the fruit garnet Lian, home to the first resin. Do not eat
grapefruit because then the future will inhibit the liver's

3. Green tea effective than water (green tea is better than plain water)

Recommended to drink green tea and black tea instead of water, because
water can not take away the bad material body, black tea is fermented
tea cooked, so green tea is better than black tea, drink green tea can
reduce Parkinson, and green tea contains catechins, can protect the
articular cartilage pain relief. In addition, the bubble after the
tasteless green tea bag can be used to rub the skin with eczema,
allergic yo!

4. Every day, a cup of coffee (a daily coffee is good for you)

Select Arabic coffee beans: a cup of coffee a day, the benefits of
drinking coffee is coffee can inhibit dopamine L-Dopa, prevent aging,
Parkinson's disease, cancer, coffee will be activated when the brain
commands the limbs need
 to transfer material, old age After the skill is more coordination,
the downside is the loss of calcium and coffee will be a number of

Forbidden to drink the first three months of pregnancy due to risk of
miscarriage. In addition, Arab coffee beans to choose, not the Java
beans, beans should be fresh, put a long time will produce aflatoxin.

5. The cancer repented of the Potato (sweet potato can get away the
cancel cells)

Potato correcting diseased cells: sweet potatoes containing ganglion
liver ester, is diseased cells can lead; and sweet potatoes can lose
weight, because the starch is water-soluble fiber, not hoarding the

The sweet potatoes are polysaccharides, beneficial to humans, eating
more satiety than the recommended one meal a week can eat sweet
potatoes instead of rice. The more red the better the more sweet
potatoes, boiled and steamed than baked good, and the cured skins eat

Physicians specifically for radiation that would use radio 』『
microwave oven is one less valence electron, using the vibration of
water molecules to make the food hot, so food is easy to become
radical, they are carcinogenic. So easy to use occasionally look
better to use less 』『 best microwave oven!

Worth considering the following article

The body of toxic substances from the two main ways: First, the
pollutants in the air and water, through breathing and eating and
invade the human body, lead, aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals
is its representative; the other is metabolized in the body of food
waste, such as free radicals, hydrogen sulfide and so on. Nowadays,
spam has become clear the body healthy fashion.

3 ways to remove toxins from the body to help you in a timely manner.

1. Take the initiative to cough method: (proactive cough)
Nature of the dust, metal particles and emissions of toxic
 substances into the lungs through breathing, not only harms the
lungs, but also through blood circulation while! Implicated 'em. With
active cough can 'clean' lungs. Outdoor fresh air every day to do deep
breathing exercise, deep breathing slowly raised his arms, and then
take the initiative to cough, so that air from the mouth, nasal spray,
cough up sputum.

2. Water irrigation: (have a cup of plain water after getting up in
the morning)
Regular bowel movements, stool in the intestines to shorten the
residence time of feces in a timely manner toxins. Every morning drink
a cup of warm water fasting is conducive to smooth stool and toxins
from the urine.

3. Sports sweating method: (do exercises)
Excretion of toxins in the skin is also a way, mainly through
sweating, which allows the toxins excreted with sweat.

● Changyin fresh fruit, fresh juice (not fried cooked), fresh fruit,
fresh juice is a body of 'cleaner', they
 can rid the body of accumulated toxins and waste. (Fruit and
vegetable juices are good)
● eat kelp, kelp has a special affinity for radioactive material,
seaweed gum can make with the large body of radioactive material
excreted, thereby reducing the radioactive material accumulated in the
human body, but also reduces the incidence of radiation sickness. (Sea
weeds are good)
● often Helvdoutang, green bean soup could help the body excrete
toxins, promote the body's normal metabolism. (Green bean soup helps

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