Thursday, March 3, 2011

What people loved about RUC'11...

Alhamdulillah we just finished organizing the 4th RUC on 19th February 2011 at PICC. It was a great event and we had a fantastic time with all the speakers especially the participants from the IPTs coming from all over the country. The following are some feedbacks that we got when we send out emails to get people's opinion on what they loved about RUC'11. Thank you to all who responded. You really inspire us to do better all the time and InsyaAllah we will continue to improve and make RUC'12 even better!  Enjoy...

I like da 6-jars method the most bcoz it made my life easier nw 2 save money.I do save money before but thiz method really easy 2 b followed.Besides that, i like da speakers who gave talk that day...especially Dr.Sharifah Mazlina. She was really great and her actions towards her success was really incredible.She inspires me a lot and perhaps when if i'm tired of doin stuffs, it reminds me of her incredible actions thus it strikes 2 my mind..."if she can do tat, i'm sure tat i can do as well". I BELIEVE I CAN UPGRADE MYSELF 
Thank you.
Satthia Vani

To Mr. Amirul Mannan,
I'm fine. Thanks for texting me. For your information, i am now motivated myself to be a good leader. From my opinion, this RUC program gives us as a leader of the community, a lot of tips, skills and motivation. Because this program brought to us a lot of famous speaker that can motivate us. And i like the way to save our money that used 6 far i just start to make it, and i think it is a successful way. i think next time i can come again with this program...thanks again for your efforts...
Firdaus Abdul Rahim

What I like most about RUC'11 is the enthusiasm that some speakers have especially you, Mr.Amirul. This is because we as teenagers tend to be more attracted to these kind of speeches.
Thank You and good luck for RUC'12
David Lim

saya suka sesi bersama dr. mazlina kerana beliau telah berkongsi pengalaman yg amat bernilai dari sebelum ke kutub iaitu latihan yg luar biasa sehingga tercapai misi yg beliau hajati
Ariffin Ghafar

well nothing much..
i juz LOVE
 those great people!!
 and grab their "recipes" to success...
tanx 4 giving me the opportunuity....
wish u both a very gud luck in da future...
nurul farhana

to abg mirul n kak elin,
sebenarnya ini adalah kali pertama saya menyertai program sebegini.. dan utk pengetahuan anda berdua, pada mulanya saya menjangka kan bhw program ini pasti akan membosankan...
namun NAMUN namun....
ternyata apa yang saya bayangkan itu adalah meleset sama sekali.. saya sangat seronok disebabkan banyak benda baru yang sy pelajari dan yang paling penting, saya boleh menguruskan kewangan sy melalui program 6 jars akak & abg tuh.. 
tapi kalau boleh la kan, di harap pihak RUC dapat pastikan yang tetamu-tetamu jemputan tu boleh fix dengan jadual yg pihak anda sediakan.. walau apa pon... RUC'11 is the best programme...
good luck in RUC'12!
Nurasiah Mira Miera

Hi Amirul,
The speaker who really caught my attention and inspired me is Dr Hajah Sharifah's lecture on "Your Attitude Determine your Altitude".

The moment she stepped into the room, I felt an immediate vibe of respect to her . Maybe it was the confidence she exudes, or maybe it is how she presented herself. I have never met her before, only heard but never actually cared to know about the first lady to conquered the North and South Pole..twice!

Probably the reason why her lecture was interesting is that she used her experience, which was so unheard of, to make us realize how a person needs to think positively and to outdo oneself.

I think as young adults now, our most crucial problem is to tackle our own self confidence and also we seem to be quick to self-doubt ourselves. Personally, this is my 1st time being elected a President of a club (actually this was by default as I am the last founder of the club to be still studying-the others all graduated), and I have never been in ANY position higher than say, Team Leader of my Girl Guides back then when there wasn't really any work to do though! :)
So i was skeptical of myself. President! Lead an ENTIRE CLUB! Is this possible?

Therefore, after hearing her experience of how she really proved the "organizers" wrong about Malaysians being able to survive the expedition, it really hit me. I realize that as long as you have the will, passion and also do not think sacrifice as something great, of course you will be the greatest revolutionary leader!
And the bliss after the hard work! Truly makes it worthwhile!

Best Regards,
Amily Soh

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